A Spiritual path

30 thoughts on “A Spiritual path”

    1. You are SO welcome! I am SO glad you got the likes because I wanted them on your site and not mine. I don’t know how to disable likes. So it all worked out! SMILING xx


  1. This is so true and I’m glad you shared this from your friend…it’s simply wonderful! All my best and love…and have a real great week-end! Delvi.


  2. *starts singing* Ohhhhhhh There was an old woman, who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed that fly. I guess she’ll die!


    1. Oh, Lor, Bless you so much for being here and appreciating what I do post here. You were one that I wanted to give the award to, but I had to stop somewhere. KNOW that our friendship means the world to me! I’ve had a really tough past 2 weeks, so I am actually not posting today. Isn’t that something? I think I have done that only one other time. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy


  3. Great share,dear Amy ! I’m sure your friend will dearly appreciate it.Hope you always stay firm to your spiritual path …
    Love and hugs, Doda 🙂 xxxxx


  4. Amy, these words are so beautiful….and so true…I think when we find people who are good and affirming of us, it is truly a beautiful gift. I think the more we can surround ourselves with good people, the better. I think I have traveled enough…encountered enough challenging people…people who were not being in my life for good reasons, but only to take and use…….so NOW I am going to be more selective….I tend to be all embracing….I have to walk more carefully. Your blog is beautiful and inspiring! You walk with great courage!


    1. Johann, over the years I have honed down the people in my life, for I refuse to live with those who do not show me Love and respect. My number of people I know has gotten very small, and my life very quiet, but I do not mind in the least. It is the perfect environment for me to be able to hear Spirit, and to write, to focus on my photography, and to BE ONE with All That Is. When I am around people now, I don’t even feel as though I am connected to them in any way, for they have become so foreign, so strange. It’s all about choices, and to walk your talk, to not hide, does take a lot of courage. I will not compromise me anymore. Slowly people have begun to come back into my realm of existence but this time, they are on my wave length … those who are walking LOVE. Thank you SO much for being a part of my life. I am truly honored and touched. Love, Amy


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