Love, Past, Present (3 MACROS)

05 10 14_2170_1 
 A little bit of Love
goes a long way.

05 11 14_2218_2
We cannot undo the past
including all that is not born of Love
yet we can do our very best
to embrace LOVE
in our Present NOW.
05 11 14_2247_3
And as we do …
When the Perfect Time arrives
the Sun again shall shine.


Photography/Writing 2014©AmyRose

(First photograph is a flower from a shade loving ground cover … I forgot the name of it. The curved structure in the background to the left of this flower, is my gardening hat. The second and third photos, yes, are weeds. Number 2 photo is of a Dandelion, believe it or not. Number 3 photo I do not know the name of but it and many others like it, are all over our grass.)

66 thoughts on “Love, Past, Present (3 MACROS)

  1. Dandelions and other “weeds” are severely undervalued. So many are used medicinally. Young dandelion leaves are made into tea to be taken for s spring tonic. Thank you for the gift of your plants and your photography. I’m smiling as I look at them.


    1. Aren’t they the coolest? Now granted the first pic is a flower. But the other two are not. Dandelion has a lot of uses. A diuretic, a detox, a tonic. You are welcome, my friend this day. May my “flowers” speak privately to you. Love, Amy


      1. I’m sitting here thinking. I have, from time to time, written some content for advertisers on the internet. But it drains me. There is no joy in it. Not even the getting paid part. It doesn’t pay squat. It takes out of me more than it puts back emotionally speaking. Every time I try to do it, I feel worse about it. But if I don’t, I don’t have any mad money.

        I have been listening to the flowers of the field, and they said to screw it. But I’m lousy at quitting.


      2. I was just thinking. Why did I write what I did about the message? Now, honestly, when I wrote it, I said that’s odd, and wanted to delete it. But no, I kept it. Ya never know what comes out of these hands. Tee hee……


      3. God moves in a mysterious way
        His wonders to perform;
        He plants his footsteps in the sea,
        And rides upon the storm. – WILLIAM COWPER


      4. I love William Cowper. I read a biography of him; he lived in major depression most of his adult life, yet he persevered and wrote his beautiful hymns. That encourages me.

        Maybe on some level I did know, Amy Love. The Spirit has ways of communicating between people.


      5. Yes, you don’t need to tell me that. I just let my hands go and don’t get my thoughts in the way. (sometimes) I fly with it. (smile) Love, Amy


    1. Tomorrow will be a big one, Sue. A post on war. I’m working on it today. Are we making any headway, dear friend? Some days I get so weary. Eyes are so blind, hearts are so hard, ears are so deaf. (sigh) I’m glad you are in my life to walk along side with. Bless you! Love, Amy


      1. Sometimes Amy I too get despondent..But I remind myself daily that we are only being shown the tip of the iceberg regarding Neg News.. This has its own agenda.. But I Know there are many many selfless acts around the world.. None of these get to be aired.. But I know LIGHT will always outshine the dark. The dark can not outshine the light…. 🙂 Have Faith.. WE do make a Difference.. xxx Love and thank you too for being within a Dreamer’s world too 🙂 Amy xxxxx Love Sue


    1. Love IS the answer, Sparkles. Sometimes we have to go through some mighty dark nights in order to find Love. And then not only do you find Love, you find JOY too. xx


    1. Thank you, Lisa. Every word of gratitude I receive means the world to me. My Heart is so touched by the outpouring of gratitude I do receive. Bless you! (((Hugs))) Amy


  2. Sweet photos. Dandelions are very powerful flowers and herbs that provide wonderful healing qualities. Weeds aren’t necessarily bad 🙂 Just as in life the same is true.


  3. The sun never sets in your posts,dear Amy ! Your beautiful flowers eagerly send their love out to the world and make life so beautiful ! All three are so brilliant,but can’t take my eyes off from the radiant purple beauty !!!!
    Love ♡ (◠‿◠✿) ♡ and big ((( hugs ))) ,Doda 🙂


    1. Isn’t She glorious? That is a ground cover in one of my shade gardens. These flowers are tiny and don’t last long so I took a lot of pics of them from different angles. So glad you enjoyed, my friend. Love, Amy


  4. Beautiful macro images, Amy…

    The first image is so sharp and your hat really helped to give a nice background and the purple color stands out 🙂

    In the third one also, the light yellowish background really worked well.

    I think, I need to learn quite a few things on color combinations 🙂


    1. Sreejith, I must be honest. It just happens for me. My “eye” sees it and I just know it and so I click. I’ve always had a knack with colors. If you become conscious of the colors and how they blend together and practice shooting that, it just happens. (SMILE) Love, Amy


    1. Bless you, Tonya, thank you! The healing the is happening with me and my family, mind you, brings me to my knees in utter gratitude. I’ve missed you. I left a message on your blog. Love, Amy


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