Utterly Forever Grateful

Doodles is home. I managed to see where he was in our neighbor’s field, go to where he was, play along cat style, and when opportunity came, I grabbed him not letting go. He is in the house, safe. Right now he does not recognize me, but we will bring him back to reality when he is ready to come back. Doodles is neurologically special.

My deepest utter gratitude to all who assisted me. I am forever thankful. I can breathe again.

I love you. AmyRose

51 thoughts on “Utterly Forever Grateful

    1. I am much relieved. OH God, this bedlam is still not over. Now the staining today and the stink is atrocious. I’m trying to get as many cats outside safely in carriers, without much luck. And it continues while I am in my gardens as well …. xx


  1. Oh, Amy, I’m so far behind in my reading. I take it one of your special kitties got out and was doing some exploring on its own. That is terrifying when we know how little they know and understand of what’s out there. I am so glad you were able to bring him home safe and sound. Good news, indeed! πŸ™‚


    1. Linda, PLEASE do not fret about being behind here. I am so buried right now I just throw my hands up and say, C’est le vie! Once my gardens are done, and all windows and door done, noramacly can once again be ours. Yes, yes, Linda, one of our special cats who goes “blank” when stressed, was out all night long. I was able to trick him and get him to bring him back home. He still is not recognizing me. Oh man!!!!! Love to you, Linda!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Bless you, Dan, and thank you. It’s terrifying to have a special needs cat out, not knowing how to get him back inside. Thank God he is OK. Still not recognizing me, but he is home. (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. I don’t know how I missed it, I didn’t know your sweet cat was missing. I am so glad you found him and rescued him. So sorry you have had to go through this! Love xx.


    1. Holly, there are SO many posts to get through, don’t you even dare feel bad that you missed mine. The most important thing is that I was able to “trick” Doodles into thinking I was not interested, thereby getting him interested and close enough so that I could make a direct grab. I have holes in my teeshirt but ask me if I care. No. He is home, still not really with it, but he is home. Bless your for your kindness and your caring. (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. I have a little dog that I adore, I can relate very well to your feelings for Doodles, these little creature pull on our heartstrings. So glad he is back with you. Big hug.


    1. What with the HUGE commotion we had here last week (hell on earth noise wise and stress wise) he has slid back into illness and now in a FLUTD episode. He was just recovering from surgery, and my gut told me, wait a bit more. Was I listened to? (sigh) No. These men are like little babies and I am talking hubs and the owner of this business. Oh no those windows had to be put in last week. So they were. Now I am scrambling from one cat to the next, giving Homeopathy, feeding one because he stopped eating, not letting two out because I don’t think they will come back …. and on it goes. Hubs right now is researchingn for Molly because she is licking herself raw due to nerves. And me? Ready for the beach. Thank you for asking, my friend. Thank you. You have no idea how much it means to me that someone asked. Love, Amy


      1. I have a hard time remembering everything at once, but he has been in my prayers. Cats are such sensitive friends. George Bailey scratched a good thatch of fur under his chin while I was away at the beach. My neighbor was over here an hour each day feeding and caring for George and Teddy, but both of them missed me so much that they would not let me out of their sight all weekend. We were with family for Sunday dinner, and they went all scared all over again yesterday.


      2. My cats especially so, Susan, because they know they have special needs. They are really set in their ways and anything out of the norm, stresses them out. Molly I think constantly worries that something will happen to me because without me, no one knows how to give her her heart pills. Speaking of, I must go to give her 4pm pill. (((HUGS))) Amy


      3. So glad, Amy Love. My beloved mother-in-law never turned on the air conditioner if she could help it. She said, “It might be hotter tomorrow.”


      4. Indeed it does. I boarded with a lady when I was in Denver working at Baptist Publications (now defunct) and she tried to wash aluminum foil in the dishwasher. It was a tough time.


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