Well, Break Is Over

Starting tomorrow I am back in my gardens. Yesterday I had one of the best days ever, in a long time, because I visited your blogs. If I didn’t get to yours, know that I absolutley did my best to get there. This Journey we are on is not all about me. So I really do see your work in order to understand you better.

Today I crashed. Literally. I could not keep my eyes open and down I went for a LONG nap. I also am having new windows and a door put in this week, so the noise level and the stress level have been over the top. But even though this is still happening, I am going back into my gardens. I have my one huge Rose garden to do, and three small ones. All others are complete. That number if you don’t know, is 17 gardens in all.

I’ve taken some really cool photos and I promise to do my best to post. Once this reopening of my gardens is finished, I will have more time to do what I do here at Petals and that is to LOVE you. For those of you who are new, these are not idle words. I really do my best to get to know you, so we can have a relationship. I have made so many friends, that at times, the tears just come to my eyes. For so long I “wished” for friends like you, and now I have you in my life. What a truly Precious Gift I have been given.

Know that wherever I am, I bring you with me in my Heart. I Love you, and I am deeply moved that you and I are in each others’ lives. I really do promise you, once this hard phase of my gardens is over, I will be here as I ususally am.

May the Love of my flowers present here at Petals, and the Love of my Heart, touch each and every one of you who do come to visit. You honor me greatly.

I Love you. Amy Rose.

2014Β©Amy Rose

50 thoughts on “Well, Break Is Over

  1. I wrote something for you sweetie. When you have time go check it out. PLease take is easy and relax a bit. Love πŸ™‚ ❀


  2. You’re so special and so sweet Amy ❀ All the best with rose gardening! Will look forward to see them bloom in due time..I anticipate beauty unfolding through all the work and effort you put in! πŸ™‚ much much love xx


    1. Bless you, Himani, for taking the time to comment. It has been a whirlwind lately but I am biting the bullet nontheless and getting these gardens done. Love to you, Amy


    1. “S” with a pleural. *giggles* They don’t look like much now but hopefully in one month from now, they will be lush. We are so far behind in the blooming department. xx


      1. Thank you, Audrey. I’ll do this!! And then it will be over and I’ll pass out. Or something like that. When I come to, I’ll be refreshed and ready to rock and roll. Love, Amy


    1. Sweetie, I am almost done. Every year this is so challenging yet in order to get the beautiful flowers, especially Roses, they must be tended to. I have so many cool pics as I crawled though my neighbor’s gardens and mine, that I cannot hardly wait to post them. Hehehehehehe (((HUGS))) Amy


  3. I would hope that everyone appreciates the work 17 gardens create! I have only five and that is too much – I don’t want to imagine what your work load is like! Can’t wait for the garden views. Bless!


    1. Thank you, Ruth. Truth be told, this is hard work the phase I am in. I don’t know where I am not sore. I want to finish up this week, so that I can put more of my focus here. (((HUGS))) Amy


  4. We are a nurturing group of people Amy. As your beautiful flowers need water, a trim and a cut, lots of tender loving care and their picture taken, so do you. So, your world-family will always be there as you delve into the tasks at hand.


  5. I’m glad someone out there can garden! I LOVE gardens, especially flowers, but I cannot grow anything. The one time I had a pot plant on my windowsill it died because I forgot to water it.
    Sorry, plant. I still feel guilty.


  6. So glad that you got a chance to relax and take a much needed nap especially with all the work that you do. Will look forward to future post. Love and Hugs β™₯


  7. I “had” four flower beds at my last place and I had to move due to my health. Now I have a very small yard and only three rose bushes in front of the house. I think I am living vicariously through your flower gardens! Love the pics and all of your heartfelt poems and words. Your genuineness shines!


    1. Oh, Sweetie, it is someone like you who makes me feel a glowy and happy inside. I love sharing my work, and I love making others happy, bringing beauty and JOY and Truth to them. I know of no other way then to be genuine. I hope my example does shine here, so that others pick up the banner as well, that one that says, “I am the genuine article”. (smile) Love and (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Not all are Rose Gardens, Sreejith. LOL I have let me see …. five I think gardens that have Roses in them. Wait until you see my other flowers as well. I would love for you to come and stroll through my gardens when everything is in bloom. You would be transported to Paradise. (smile) Love, Amy


      1. OH, Sreejith, I am waiting for those butterflies. Over the years the numbers of them have decreased so I am hoping this year there will be more. xx Amy


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