We ARE Love (3 MACROS)

33 thoughts on “We ARE Love (3 MACROS)”

  1. Hi my sweet Amy 🙂 ! My long Easter holidays have completely disorganized me and lost contact with all my very special WordPress friends ; you are love,your wondrous floral portraits are love,you make life a retreat for happiness !!! Trying very hard to catch up,my inbox most nightmarish …
    Stay well and keep spreading Love and Happiness !!! Big ((( hugs ))) & love ,
    Doda  ∧ _ ∧    (´・ω・`) … xxx


    1. Doda, do your best. OK? Just start with the Present email deliveries. You will overwhelm yourself if you try to catch up. As always, I thank you SO much for being here!! Love, Amy


    1. Phyl, bless you!!! When I wrote it up yesterday, I thought to myself, shouldn’t there be more to this post? But, no more words came and so as you see, this is what was created. I am so glad it spoke to you. Yes, simple does work best. Love, Amy


      1. Just so so? Sorry to hear that. I’ve got workers here banging and sawing putting in new windows. My quiet has erupted into NOISE and I can still say I am having a good day. 🙂 …


      1. Well, aren’t YOU the lucky one! Here is a GOOD baby, one who doesn’t cry much, and YOU are complaining? OH, Shrimp, what shall I ever do with you???


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