Look To The Source

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[Still out in my gardens, so please be easy on the comments! Thank you!]

Within the past few days, I have had an experience I do not wish to repeat. So, I am writing this small article to make things clear.

Evidently in my haste in writing a comment, I made a typo. Due to the fact how extremely busy I am with my gardens right now, I did not go back to reread what I had written, which is my norm to do before I sent it. So I sent it without checking it first.

The person who I sent it to, instead of coming right out and saying what I wrote was not understood, began a long interaction between us. I could feel this person was upset but did not know why. Finally, after running back and forth between gardens and iPad about 5 times, I was told what I had written.

I was shocked. Literally shocked. Why? Anyone who knows me would have right away known what I had written was a typo. The typo more or less indicated I was better then this person, blah blah blah. I know exactly what I meant to say, and so I told this person, for my memory is pretty darn good!

So, IF in my haste I write something that does not sound like me, or you do not understand what I wrote, please come to me right away and ASK what I meant. I do not judge anyone, I do not put myself up on a pedestal making myself better then you, I do not point fingers, I do not get nasty. I have something on my header that says, “The Embrace of Love”. Those are just not idle words. I live those words for I am those words.

Keep in mind, I write at lightening speed. I am also in a very busy season of my life. When I am back here as I normally am, I write to hundreds of people per day. If in any of those responses I say something that hurts you, upsets you, or sounds as if I am coming off better then you, KNOW that somewhere there has been a misunderstanding. OK? And then let’s be mature and talk about it, so things can get cleared up right away.

I do NOT play games. Not here at Petals, and not in my life either. I walk my talk, my friends, which is not an easy thing to do in a world that will not embrace Love. So, in the future, I ask you to come to me immediately if there is any misunderstanding on your end of our communication. I really am who I say I am, and nothing else. If you read any of my work, and I mean really read it, you will know that what I am saying here is Truth. My work reflects who I am.

I LOVE you. AmyRose

Photography/Writing 2014Β©AmyRose

42 thoughts on “Look To The Source

      1. Sweet, sweet Amy. I know you know it was not your fault, and there is no guilt. There is no guile in you, either. I know what it feels like to be accused of something you hadn’t done. Peace to you, Amy Love. I’m sending a great big hug.


      2. My Susan Luv, I know that when I “react” this strongly to a situation, there is an issue within me to be addressed. Yes, I know what that is, and today, whilst I work, I pray and I dig out that root, the very one that was implanted within me as a child. This IS a Blessing in disguise. (((HUGS))) back to you!!! Love, Amy


  1. Hello Amy, it happens, but rarely I feel.
    It’s our responsibility to let others know about their typos or any other grammatical errors, I feel.
    I had some very nice experiences like that from some incredible people.
    It feels like a family here…
    Have a beautiful day πŸ™‚


    1. Dearest Sreejith, your words “It feels like family here” are some of the most glorious words I have ever been told. Thank you and BLESS you for saying them. No, this does not happen often, thank goodness. As I told another friend, there is an issue within me to be looked at, and that is exactly what I shall do today while working. And that issue shall be dug out!!!! Love and (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Oh Sweetie, please call me Amy. Ma’am makes me feel SO old. (smiling) Communication is of the utmost importance for without it, hurt feelings can and do arise. Many come to Petals whose first language is not English, so this makes communication even more challenging. I do my best, and when I unconsciously err, I would hope that the friend I am speaking to, would point it out to me. That’s what friends are for. (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. No, Luv, it is OK. NOTHING to be sorry about. OK? I thought you were joking. Between FRIENDS no Ma’am necessary. (SMILE) (((HUGS))) and thank YOU so much for being here!!! When things slow down, I am coming over to see you. And I made sure you are NOW in my reader so I can get to your blog easier. ALL IS OK. Love, Amy


      2. One can have maturity but still stay young. I promised me, I would never grow up. Even when it has been tough to stay a “kid” I have. Don’t rush the small stuff, Luv. You are young only once, and when that is gone, you will look back and say, oh if only. Be you. If you think you are immature, study books on how to become more mature, but don’t loose your inner little child. OK? That is the kid that likes to play and to draw or with me, have SO much fun with a camera. You are OK just as you are. Again, IF you want improvement or THINK you do (don’t let anyone tell you that you need something … always listen to your heart) then do what your heart tells you. I think you are wonderful. I “feel” energy, and yes just this correspondence I “feel” you (I don’t want to scare you!) and from my perspective, I like you. Just for you. As you are. Now. Wow ….. Good thing I am going back to talking tomorrow or I would have talked your ear off. Tee hee. I LOVE to gab and I LOVE to interact with my WP friends. I must go see your blog. I am pretty sure I have been over there, but I am going again. I also LOVE to see your work that YOU do. It’s only fair. You come here, don’t you? Yep. So I think it only right for me to come knock on your door. Here I come!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. OH how I MISS you!!!! Last day for gardening. I must take a break. My back will not last if I don’t break for a few days. LOVEEEEE YOU!!!! (((HUGGIES)))) *snort* Amy


  2. Those who never make a typo please stand up. Gosh we all do it. Especially if we hammer out 100 words a minute, fresh from our minds, uncontrived and unedited. Sometimes I go back when I have time to re-read and laugh at the mistakes I made, sometimes I edit and sometimes I just can’t be bothered to.

    People are judgemental, if only they took time to comment on the good we do as much as they do on our mistakes, how wonderful the world would be.

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    1. AMEN!!!! Thank you SO much for making me feeling better!!! I type so fast and so much that already I am wearing out a keyboard that is less then 6 months old. I type on the fly, especially on those days where there are many friends I want to connect with. This particular typo was not a misspelling. I wrote a word instead of the word I meant to write. Yet, this is the thing with me. This person doesn’t know the first thing about me, for if this person did, would have known I wouldn’t never say what I did, and mean it. (sigh) I’m not only on my blog, I am ALL over the place, leaving my pink flower, (((HUGS))) and sincere comments on what my friends are doing on their blogs. I know you are new around here at Petals, so I really wanted you to know I do my best to get to your grounds. I use my reader. I use the comments left here. I use the likes, although somedays there are so many I just sigh and give up. The comments here (as you can see there are a lot) …..in other words me and those who I Love LOVE to talk. Hehehehehehe *giggling* So there you have it!!!! If I haven’t said it before, welcome to Petals. I am different so this blog is different. I don’t even know what is going to come out of my hands next, sometimes. I do know what is going up as a post tomorrow. I just figured that out today. BIG SMILE!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  3. Amy, I think we are all guilty of typos like that every so often. The fact that it only happened once speaks volumes. Lol. Have a great day in your garden.


    1. I am sure I have had other typos. Nothing was just never said. My fingers really do fly over the keyboard, and sometimes I makes mistakes (don’t we all!) or my brain is even faster then my fingers, and I skip words. *giggle* Thanks for the laugh!! Love, Amy


    1. That shot, Amy, was taken with me holding my camera in one hand. Don’t even ask how I did it. I didn’t think. I just did!!! Hey!!! I should be back to about normal tomorrow!! I am taking a break from gardening. My knees and back say so!!! I’ll be able to talk again! Yippeeeee!!!! Love, Amy


      1. I understand the hard work, I used to garden like crazy… Be kind to your knees and back, Amy. We’ll talk, later πŸ™‚ Love, Amy ❀


      1. I am in your life for real sweet sis. I will always been here for you no matter what. Plus one day we will get to hug and walk in your beautiful garden and just sit and smile at the beauty.

        You spoil me already with all your love and beauty. My sis has a beautiful soul and heart. Love is all I ever needed from my family and you gave that to me plus more.

        No worries my sweet sis we will meet and never stop hugging and you can see how silly I am.

        All my love and kisses. xxxooo


      2. Lora, you bring tears to my eyes. This is all I have ever wanted too. Love. To be accepted for me, to not have the other person fear or freeze when I hug them, to know I can reach out when I talk and touch you, or express myself with my hands and eyes, like a dancer in motion. I have had to “hide” my true self from so many because of fear on their part. To be free to know that we have known one another forever and this life, after many of separation, are now in one another’s life. How much better can that be? Sisters of the Rose. Sisters of Love. We have fought side by side, we have loved side by side, we have laughed and we have been silly together. You …. you are getting me all mushy and misty eyed.

        There are Angels coming to you, Lora. Expect them. They are coming to be with you in place of me. I called them, they heeded, and now will be your Faithful Protectors. You’ll see. (smiling) I don’t speak if I don’t know what I am saying. A little birdie told me you studied Angels. Perfect. No surprise there. You are an Angel in my eyes. As I am. We are Rose Angels.

        I am almost finished with Erik’s book, Lora. I am so immersed in this book and Freyja has been really coming through me loudly. We had a conversation while I sat on my stairs two days ago, and OMG She and I talked back and forth. A few times I asked, “Is this my imagination?” and She laughed, saying no, calling me a name only I know. Now this conversation is becoming hazy. I think next time, I shall be writing what She says to me.

        I also feel that there is Truth in Erik’s book and “keys”. I found the Runes, now I plan on going back to find all of them to understand fully their message. The Rose Petals with the note Erik wrote is under my pillow. Ask him about what I wrote how these Petals are affecting me. They are you too, Lora. I “feel” it.

        All my Love and Kisses, your sis, AmyRose


      3. Acceptance is all I ever wanted and never received. But that is in the past and I need to let go. Faith in the Gods has brought me to you and that’s all that matters.I have always been told that I am angel. Beginning to believe it. Smile πŸ™‚ Yes Rose Angels in the name of love. ❀

        Trust me when I say I need a few angels watching over me tight now. But, I am still smiling and that is all that matters. I welcome the protected with opening arms. My sweet Amy

        I am so happy that you spoke with Freyja she is a wonderful Goddess and opens the heart full of love and passion. Keep her words in your soul for courage and strength when you need them. Trust me her words will come back to you when you need the,

        There is truth in all his words. The Gods and Goddess speak to him to bring love into others lives. He is gifted in the way of words to make you feel the love. Oh how I wish I could write like him.

        We were brought together for a reason what ever that reason is I am enjoying every second and will not let you go for anything,

        My sweet sweet Amy Rose Angel

        Love with all my heart soul.

        Your sister forever.



  4. How is your garden growing Amy? Typos are a reality in everyone’s world. And now, walking is a reality in my world again. I’ll surprise my Mom next week when I visit her on Mother’s Day. I’ve told 2 of my brothers I can walk again, but have sworn them to secrecy because I want it to be a surprise for her. Keep our Mother Earth green for us all Sweet Amy. You are truly one of my special angels.


    1. I can only imagine the surprise on your Mom’s face when she sees her Angel daughter walking. OH for the JOY of a Mothers’ Heart when she sees One whom she Loves much, walking. OH bless your Heart! As for my gardens, this Angel is taking a well deserved break for a few days. My back and knees say so. With Much Love, Amy


  5. This is so true! It’s hard to convey intent and emotion in a quick comment and they are very easy to miss-read or miss-write. I’ve made a few accidentally snarky ones myself, and was very embarrassed!! So, when I’m in doubt, I add an emoticon! πŸ˜€


    1. The language barrier also comes into play. I’ve had to stop many times to read what someone wrote not totally understanding. I’ve relied on my gut instinct and “knowing” to get the right interpretation. I have learned to hold on the snarky for it tends to worsen the situtation. Sometimes not easy to do, believe me. There have been times I have had to walk away, to gather myself, in order to reply in a nice tone. And by doing that, the arrow that was aimed my way, turned into Love. Now that is magic. Love, Amy

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  6. An intricate photo with a superb Bokeh DOF and an innocent typo that opened the doors to the real meaning of communication … ; our mind is a fast working machine that occasionally lapses into slips especially after overworking … Enjoy your gardening,dear Amy,and let your tired body relax in your healthy mind …
    Doda πŸ™‚ xxx


  7. Omg… Really… I make so many typos and sometimes I try to explain and other times I just let it go. Just today I caught myself just before pressing send, thank goodness, I had written ass instead of art… So grateful for having caught it time… I type too fast and this thing changes words… I have to slow it down and read too before pressing post comment… Big fax pas, but nothing to get wired up about…


    1. I know, Lor, I know. And what got to me the most, IF this person read any of my work, would have known it is impossible for me to have meant what I wrote. So going around and around playing games, I really cannot believe I lasted as long as I did. I was one comment away from blocking this person when it finally came out WHY all these conversations were going on. And then shock. Honestly. We all make mistakes and the one you just said gave me peals of laugher. Thank you!!! Love, Amy


  8. Oh Amy, please don’t be hard on yourself! If people want to misunderstand and take umbrage at something, they’re not worth worrying about. We all make mistakes in our typing, as in our lives too, and I’m as guilty as anyone with this. (Wait for my next post when I will make an apology for a mistake.) We all know that you are such a kind person.


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