No Better Time Than Now

61 thoughts on “No Better Time Than Now

    1. Thank you, Claudia. Bless you for your encouragement. I am working with a macro lens that I am totally in love with. Just today I was wishing I had two camera bodies, because when it comes to my Roses (when I will be shooting them), I will be using both a macro and a zoom lens. Hmmmm……I’m gonna work on that. I still have one very expensive lens to buy as well …. Family and responsibilities do come first though. I do know, good things come to those who wait WHEN that one has told the Universe its Heart’s Desires. (((HUGS))) Amy


  1. By stacking the day with “tomorrows”, there is no room left. For, tomorrow comes and the beauties of that tomorrow are not allowed in the door, as the doorway is blocked and stacked with yesterdays.


    1. Phil, you are so welcome and I am so glad you enjoy my flowers. More are coming tomorrow. One of these days I will comment on your blog. You intimidate me a wee bit. You are SO brainy. (smile) With Love, Amy


      1. I Love you, Patty. Take care! (((HUGS))) Amy ….. Those words are straight from my Heart. They arose in the Moment and I did not hesitate to write them to you. xx


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