Depending on how Rocky pulls through his dental surgery this morning, I don’t know how much I will be able to be at Petals Unfolding today. I have one post ready to put up, but that will be going on not until later this morning. So, if I am not seemingly answering your comments, you know why.

Speaking of comments. IF I seem not to be fully answering your comments or my comments seem brief, keep in mind, I am extremely busy in my gardens. I just finished number 8 of 17 (I just saw another garden!) and the two largest ones are still ahead of me. I appreciate all of you working with me during this phase, and as you have witnessed last week, I still am very present here at Petals. Not as much as my per usual, yet I consider it a major undertaking that I am commenting and going to other blogs as well.

So, coming back to today. It all depends on Rocky. Prayers, Light, Energy, would be embraced and I would be very grateful for them. I’ll be in touch.

Β πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž Amy 😘😘😘

23 thoughts on “Today

    1. Thank you, Richard. We just got home. Rocky needed a canine pulled out and it was a very tricky pull. I can breathe again. Poor little guy is walking around like he is drunk. Poor baby. Love, Amy


    1. No, Rocky is one of our beloved cats who has been through too much. Thank you for the prayers. He had to have one of his front canine teeth pulled. I can now breathe again. Love, Amy


    1. Thank you, Jane!! I will be writing an update about Rocky in a bit. All is well. There may be “probs” yet, but I refuse to look at this like that. This poor little guy has been through so much. My heart just goes out to him like no tomorrow. Bless you for the healing energy you sent. I have so many who come from different understanding folllowing me, I have learned to (at least try) to put into words that they understand. I understand energy. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy


  1. Sending light, love, and prayers for you all and Rocky for a quick recovery!
    We will all be waiting to hear when you are able to post.
    ❀ ❀ ❀
    Denise and all the furry family


    1. M. R., people just cannot stop talking to me and I cannot stop talking to them. I’ve cut back, yes, on my comments, but I have been yakking. I think you are the first person who actually stopped commenting. Hhehehehehehe Love, Amy


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