Mighty Sword Of Light (6 IMAGES)

[Dedicated to all who are struggling. Know you are Loved and prayers are said.]


Depression is a Deadly Dragon

04 21 14_0742

that if allowed to reign

04 21 14_0736will steal your very breath

04 21 14_0739and seize control of soul.


Now if you rise standing tall

04 21 14_0750with Mighty Sword of Light in hand

04 21 14_0748slaying this ghastly beast is possible

04 21 14_0756and your Royal Reign of Life returns.


Photography/Poem 2014©AmyRose

28 thoughts on “Mighty Sword Of Light (6 IMAGES)

  1. What a beautiful little flower tale you have given us here Amy! 🙂 Wise and true and motivational!! You are an excellent photographer!! Lots of Love and Light to you sweet Amy Rose 🙂


    1. I always follow my Heart, and yesterday it very loudly told me this needed to be posted. I was given the words in a manner of moments, then I delivertely took photos to match these words. I am so humbled and happy that this spoke to you today. We all have a Mighty Sword of Light. The dragon of depression has no change against it. You are in my prayers. Love, Amy


  2. I love the words “a mighty sword of light”. And I have been in the depths of depression a time or 2 myself, so this really speaks to me. And your lovely pictures are so perfect with these words. Divinely inspired I am sure.


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