Happy Easter, Everyone!!!

62 thoughts on “Happy Easter, Everyone!!!”

    1. Normal day for me too, Uncle Spike. Out in my gardens and speaking of, I am shooting out the door. (smile) Now to get all the posts together that I want to with all the delicious photos I have!!! (sigh) Oh the life of me. Tee Hee …… xx Amy


    1. Oh, Amy, get ready! Tears are in my eyes as I work on tomorrow’s post. I specifically am speaking of post #2 I am posting Monday. Expect to have your breath and your heart stop. It is just that tremendous. What Mother is giving me to share with you, brings tears to my eyes. I am in awe. Love, Amy


  1. Beautiful pansy! They are hardy little ones. Glad you are having fun in your gardens. I had lunch with family and extended family. And yesterday I wistfully thought of extending my herb garden, and today my eldest daughter gave me a beautiful wicker basket with a potpourri of herbs – some old friends, and some new. Hot diggity!


  2. Happy Happy Easter sweet Amy Rose!! May this time of year bring you all the joy, happiness, renewed energy, and magic that comes with spring. Enjoy you garden and your beautiful roses as they come alive for you again! πŸ™‚ Lots and lots of Love to you sweetie! πŸ™‚


    1. Line, your words came true today. “may this time of year bring to you all the joy, happiness, renewed energy and magic ….” *tears* I had SO much energy today that what I did, was the work of two men. Honestly, I am shocked. I am in tears right now…. to feel HEALTH like this is a dream come true. OH, Line, I have gone through so much and to be feeling this well … OMG … please please, God, let this stay!!! Love, Amy


  3. Dear Amy,
    Happy Belated Easter 🐰.
    The Color and Vibrancy is Amazing! I could stare at this beautiful creation for hours. I love the Depth and Dimension. Bravo!
    Anastasia 😊


  4. With a litlle delay πŸ™‚ Happy easter to you, to all also.

    Nice website/blog.

    Pierre from Radio Satellite (you will love it…i mean the radio) πŸ™‚ (love and happiness is our logo).


    1. Thank you for the reblog. I was thrilled by how this flower decided to come out on my photograph. She is gorgeous and just as you see her this is how she looks. Have a great day, Sweetie!! Love, Amy


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