I Don’t Know (4 IMAGES)

[The angle that I shot the Daffodil was extremely challenging. First, it is tiny. Second, the space between the lower edge of the Daffodil is about 3 inches from the ground. The clarity on these could be better, so please take into account, I was laying flat on my stomach, camera propped on rocks, and me contorted to get my camera under the Daffodil.]

***For those of you who celebrate Easter, I want to wish you all a very Happy Easter! May the Light of Divinity shine ever so brightly! Blessings to ALL!***


I don’t know of any other way to be

04 16 14 4-15-14

then to be me.

For the longest time I conformed

04 05 14_0008 4-15-14to others’ demands

(All in the name of Love???)

until I arrived upon that day

4-15-14When I said NO MORE

04 16 14_ 4-15-14and went back to being me.


Photography/Poem 2014Β©AmyRose

35 thoughts on “I Don’t Know (4 IMAGES)

    1. Bless you for the reblog!!! Thank you SO much! I hope my words with its message, touches each heart and mind that read my poem. The flowers in of themselves tell a story. (((HUGS))) Amy


  1. Ahh, the “joys” of macrophotography… On the one side, I’m so happy I didn’t get into it because of the amount of contortions necessary to taking such pictures.. On the other, I’m envious of the patience required to performing it.

    IMNERHO, the blur effect might not be approved of with some art critics, but to me it definitely enhances the beauty of the colors. \o/ Good show.


    1. THANK YOU! Between the “breeze” grrrrrr…… and me twisted like a pretzel, it is a miracle that I got any images that were good. I thought the “blurred” effect was cool too, something different. Now I did go back at another time to retake this exact Daffodil when others around it are in bloom, and those I believe are right on. No blurred effect. Of course I wasn’t a pretzel either. [GRIN] Have a great day!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Happy Easter, Luv, to you! I must gracefully decline this award because I am an award free blog. I just don’t have the time to put into them what they require. I am very honored that you would nominate me, and very touched. Bless you! Amy

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  2. I can SO relate to this one. Everyone knows what I am supposed to do but me was my motto for a lot of my life. The daffodils make me want to be in northern climes. I would give a great deal to see you on the ground going after this photo! πŸ˜‰


    1. Hehehehehehe Pretzel Inc. I plan on going out again today. Some Hyacinths are just blooming!!! I have to beat the rain that is coming!!! I am SO excited. I also found other flowers (I don’t know their names, but I am capturing them!) I am getting so many pics I can’t keep up!!! Wowza!!!! …..giggling…….


    1. Thank you!! More are coming. I have SO many flowers already on disk, and the major flowers aren’t even here yet! I need about 5 blogs to show them all. In all seriousness, I will have plenty of “stock” for the colder months again next year. I am just click happy right now. I’ve waited a LONG time for this. xx Amy


  3. The photography is wonderful (so was reading about the process of shooting the daffodil πŸ™‚ ). Your words are wonderful, too! Good for you!


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