Breathtakingly Beautiful

The following poem was birthed 2 days ago between Lovely Lora ( *tasteful mature site* and “The Lady”. I am deeply grateful to Lora, for she is of pure heart and because of the friendship that has grown between us both, “magic” happened. (My term when Spirit flows through me.) Please enjoy the following Gift that was given to me by Divine Measure.


The more you merge with Flow
IMG_6466 1
in trust from deep within your heart,
The more you yearn to live
in Peace and in Joy.
Once surrender is fully made
to the Divinity Within,
Life just seems to float
as if a puff of cloud
on a clear blue summer day.
IMG_9511Breathtakingly Beautiful.
Photography/Poetry 2014©AmyRose

43 thoughts on “Breathtakingly Beautiful

  1. The more you merge with Flow
    in trust from deep within your heart,
    The more you yearn to live
    in Peace and in Joy.

    Wonderful verses. I loved the collaboration between Lora and you, Amy…
    The photos are marvellous too… Nicely done, best wishes Aquileana 😛


  2. Oh my sweet friend Amy. I am honored in so many ways by this post. I have tears falling and joy within my soul. I thank you for the dedication and the feeling of unconditional love you brought forth. The images are beautiful as your soul is. I also thank the lady for your inspiration in the images and the writing. You more then a friend to me and nothing will ever change that.

    I love you my Lady Amy. May Frayja bless you today in all you do.

    Lora 🙂 All is very lovely


    1. Lora, I am now crying. I am thrilled you like what came forth born of our conversation. May Love be yours every moment of every day, for you are so deserving of it. May The Lady smile graciously at you in that every moment. You are Blessed. So much so. And very Loved, more then you know. Love, Amy


      1. You will always be in my heart & soul. Tears are falling and they are happy tears. Love 🙂


  3. As brilliant as always,dear Amy !!! Great post,fascinating photo series with magnificent verses ! Each photo a real feast for the eyes and each verse the true grandeur of life … Enchanted by your work and the source of inspiration … !!!
    Love and big ((( hugs ))), Doda ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ).


    1. Doda, how many times I read your words and you leave me absolutely speechless. It is a Higher Source that flows through me, that connects with me when I write. And when I do my photography. Yes, I have talent, BUT, it goes beyond that. I know. And I am very very humbled with this knowledge. Bless you, my friend, for being a part of my life. (((HUGS))) Amy


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