I Am Here for You, Dear One (6 Images)

A lot of the time we turn on the television, [computer MY WORD], we read novels, we make phone calls–just to keep pain from making its appearance in our “living room.”


We practice the politics of subversion, we carry out a kind of boycott toward the negative seeds within us, and after a certain amount of time of doing this we create a situation of bad circulation. You know that when the blood is not circulating well in our body, we experience pains–headaches, for example. …


The same thing is true with regard to our consciousness.

If we practice the politics of repression and suppression, then we create a situation of bad circulation for our mental formations, such as fear, anger, despair, suffering.


And because things are not circulating properly in our conscious mind, then the symptoms of mental illness appear:Β  depression and stress.


We should not adopt this boycott policy. On the contrary we should open our door so that our suffering can come out. … We have available to us an energy that should help us to care for our pain–the energy of mindfulness.

IMG_2554 copy

If we practice cultivating this energy of mindfulness every day, we will have enough of it to take care of our pains. Every time pain manifests, we will welcome it. We will really be there to take care of it, and the energy needed to take care of it is without a doubt the energy of mindfulness:Β  “I am here for you, dear one, I am here for you.”

IMG_1820 2

This means the mother is there for the baby, the energy of mindfulness is there to embrace the energy of pain.

–Thich Nhat Hanh–

Source:Β  “True Love”

~Photography Β©2014 AmyRose~

(Last image is of myself and one of our cats, Max …”Little Bear”)


40 thoughts on “I Am Here for You, Dear One (6 Images)

  1. I get this. I used to stuff down my emotions, and grin and bear it because that was the expectation. But I am learning to feel how I feel, and it is much easier to process all of that when you acknowledge it. Thank you, Amy.


    1. Susan, when we embrace our pain with LOVE and tenderness, instead of always stuffing, that is the heel mark of true healing. No more stuffing for me. Healing is not an easy road, but I would rather that, then to have a fatal illness from the illness. Love to you this day, Susan!! Love, Amy


  2. wow, that’s so true. And such wonderful images to represent our suppression and bad circulation. Just love the warm hydrangea petals, which still look so inviting even in their yellowed state. And such a sweet pic of kitty love!


  3. beautiful photos and they all make me smile. I love your new back ground and header. It is bright and full of good energy.
    Love the rose in the header with a few drops of rain on it.
    Very bright and alive. Very inviting.


    1. Sure is, Margaret Rose. I have yet to write you an email. I’ve been dealing with an ill cat, and yes I pulled her through the crisis, but I am beginning to ask, when is enough enough. Tough day here. xx Amy PS And I am supposed to be writing for The Talking Violin. I don’t know if it is going to happen. 😦


      1. I am VERY HAPPY that you saved your cat, dear Amy: imo, that’s a terrifically good and rewarding thing. You can draw much from it.
        As for emailing me – that can be some time in the next five years, OK? Priorities, that’s what matter.
        I have spoken.


    1. Max is my “love bug”. Yesterday I had a tough day, taking care of another cat who was quite ill, and I had a melt down. Linda, my heart just breaks sometimes and yesterday the tears ran freely. Bella, bless her, came over to me where I was on my bed, and just rubbed up against me and purred until I looked at her. It was then she looked at me with such empathy and love in her eyes, saying, “Mommy, I am here for you!” that of course I cried all the harder. My cats who are special needs, are so grateful for all we have done for them and when the chips are down (and up!) they show me love like no other. I am SO lucky!!! Love, Amy


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