3 in 1 … (3 Images)



When you say, “Please forgive m”,

(and mean it!)

then you really do try

not to hurt the other again

regarding what you said,

“Please forgive me” for.


(This photo is an “error”, a “mistake”. I turned my “mistake” into beauty. Instead of deleting this photograph, I paused, really looked at it, and saw beauty. Moral of this short story:Β  Before you hit delete, think twice. And one other thing … I did nothing to this photo other then edit. There is zero digital reformatting. Are you curious how this photo became like this or what this photo actually is of? It is the moon, and I was so frustrated because the shutter speed was too long for me to hand hold my camera, that I actually shook my camera just to scramble the picture more. There! I told you the truth! I was SO tired that evening, not able to think straight, and nothing I was doing … of course … was coming out right. But here, voila! I produced a very unusual photograph!)



IMG_2467 copy.jpg 2

The more you focus on the good and beautiful,

the more good and beautiful

your life shall be.





Ah, for the “irony” of life!

When you “think” you know much,

it is then you realize

you really know not much at all.


Photography/Writing 2014Β©AmyRose

(Picture of Evergreen ground cover and ice/snow formations)

53 thoughts on “3 in 1 … (3 Images)

  1. beautiful images Amy! I really love how you ended the piece and tied it together from start to finish…there is indeed so much more to discover and so much positivity to spread πŸ™‚ ❀ Starts off my day with a smile πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah … you GOT IT! There IS an association between all three sayings. How awesome that you understood. Oh, thank you, Neha! I wasn’t sure if others would “see it”. You gave me HOPE today! πŸ™‚ (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. Thanks, Morgirl. Thanks for being here. The “turnout” I had hoped for this post isn’t there. I put so much thought into it. (sigh) It’s like those who are usually here are not. OK. I will not put my chin on my shoes. Nope. Not I. πŸ™‚


      2. that sometimes happens to me too. the posts that I think are incredible, end up getting a hum drum response…and the ones I think Mah..whatever, about, those people seem to go crazy over LOL. its all part of the big picture though πŸ™‚ Im thankful they come at all.

        ThataAmsgirl πŸ™‚


      3. I’ve been spoiled. SO many liking my work and then today, lull. Ebb and flow. That is what I heard. And so it is. (smile) And good night!!!! (((HUGS)))


  2. How you I turned your β€œmistake” into beauty is a wonderful experience that we all can use in real life. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


    1. You are SO welcome. So often we are ready to moan about our mistakes (I did at first) but then I waited a few days, doing NO action, and when I came back to the “mistake” I saw possibilities. I can apply this to every area of my life. We are at times so hard on ourselves. Love, Amy


    1. Oh, Priyan, you are the second person who “got it”. All three sayings interrelate, as well as the “mistake”. Thank you SO much for the encouragement. When I put this post together, I had so much fun doing so, then the “doubts” began to come in, as to whether the reader would “get it”. Bless you!!!! xxoo, Amy


    1. Thank you, Niki. Now I think twice about deleting photos. The trouble is, I take so many. LOL I try to consolidate as best I can. Just in case I do make a “mistake” and delete something, I have a software program where I can actually retrieve a deleted photo BEFORE I format my disk. A few “tricks” of the trade, here and there, I have learned. πŸ™‚


      1. Yes…I one time deleted something by mistake but like you I managed to get them back with a little program. Since then I pay more attention when I have to delete something.


  3. I so love the positive posts I read here. A while ago I unfollowed all of the bloggers who persistently dragged me down with their posts. I don’t need to read that stuff. This blog is a breath of fresh, clear air.


      1. You must work at something to win. Would it be any fun if I said you won? And that would be it? Hmmm??? …. Or should we just start from scratch and begin all again? Your choice …


  4. Amazing, that first shot, Amy ! – I can’t pretend to have the faintest idea of how it happened, but it does make a delightful finished product ! πŸ™‚


    1. *laughing* I shook the camera out of frustration, Margaret Rose. I was SO fed up with trying to get a shot of the moon, hand holding my camera, that I just DARN IT shook the thing! Hehehehehehe You are not the only one who can have tantrums. LOL

      I finished your book. I need to collect my thoughts to write you how deeply you touched me. I fell asleep holding your book on my chest last night. (tears) There is just too much within your book I relate to. I will write when I my mind is clear.
      (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. Paul, I hesitated to push your follow button the first time around, all because of the NUMBER of photoblogs I already follow. (sigh) I would follow ALL fantastic artists if I possibly could! Your thoughtful and kind comment led me to go back to your site, and to follow you.

      Be patient with me for I have just recently been able to purchase extremely good lenses, (15 years of 35 mm camera + cheap digital lenses experience). This time of year is very ugly and I am seriously not inspired, BUT when GREEN and COLOR returns you and all my followers are in for a serious treat. I’m a Nature Photographer, so come next month, you will begin to see some truly exceptional photos.

      I am touched that my WP friends have faith in me AND that they like the photos I do present enough to stay. Deeply I am touched and very honored, because there is just SO much talented out there. So, with every follower, that does come, I am continually amazed and very very grateful. Bless you, Paul, and welcome to Petals Unfolding!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. Paul, bless you for the encouragement. I am amazed what I was able to produce with the equipment I had. Now with the ability to afford better, in fact excellent lenses, oh, how I do appreciate them. Never will I take these precious gifts for granted. So many people keep running after bigger and better with photography. I work with what I have and I create, sometimes magick! (smile)

        I am so touched you said what you said. The world simply disappears when I am behind my camera. And I create at times beauty that leaves me gasping. (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. It’s terrible how I always manage to press the button without making sure everything sounds ok. I will learn eventually… Good night… Love, Lor.


      2. Oh, Lor, stop beging so hard on yourself. Really. None of us are perfect and some days I know I have spelled words wrong and said things wrong. So what? It’s the thought that counts!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  5. The light trail shot is awesome!! I love doing that, on purpose, to get light trails. I have quite a few in my collections of pictures. Keep up the outstanding creations you are doing!!


    1. Doda, I am glad you “see” the overall meaning to what I wrote. I love the first photograph and seeing it was a “mistake” makes it even more appealing to me. LOL Thank you for being here for me! It really means a lot! Love, Amy


  6. A mistake? What is a mistake? I think it doesn’t exist. We have just one new lesson everyday, another way to see the world… πŸ™‚
    Very nice “mistake”! πŸ™‚


    1. Why thank you! I know there is no such thing as a “mistake” yet I could not resist as classifying this photo as one, just to make the point across that what one deems as a mistake, really is not. Have a Great Day!!!! Love, Amy


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