The Opening

 I remember very clearly
the day my heart broke
when I sadly retreated
so that I could die.
Now that I have most
recently re-opened
my heart to Love,
that numbness has flown
and in its place
are emotions,
so many,
from acid tears to dazzling smiles.
I rememember why
the shield went on
so I would not feel
the enormity of all …
The flower with the weeds,
The good with the bad,
The ups with the downs,
The sun with the clouds.
And in a world that does not
value Love,
it takes a brave heart
to open wide and not slam shut.
Photography/Poetry ©AmyRose

35 thoughts on “The Opening

    1. This was not easy to post, Line. I know Love, and for one who does, it is so easy to shut down and just go through the motions. A deep rumbling is taking place within me, which is bringing me back to feeling. Some days I am tempted to dive right back into numbness because this process is very overwhelming. Love, Amy


    1. Thank you, and Bless you! I really can understand now, as one ages, the accumulation of life’s kicks, can catch up with that one, and it is so easy to succumb to numbness. Love, Amy


  1. “All you need is love, love, love is all you need.” – Lennon/McCartney
    And I love your flowers! I pinned 2 on my Board “Flowers to ♥” That link should take you to my boards. They are in alphabetical order. Find “Flowers to ♥” – enter and see your beauties!


    1. Resa, thank you SO much!!! I am in the middle of this that and the other, and I will go to this link when I can!! I am SO SO SO appreciative! May LOVE follow you wherever you are!!! Yes, LOVE is all you need! Yet … sometimes life comes along and kicks the stuffin’ out of you. That is when one has a choice to be dead while living, or get back to living by embracing LOVE. I have chosen to live! Bless you!!! Love, Amy

      PS I just wrote one of my “little sayings” here while talking to you. I do plan on using it on my blog probably sometime this week. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I never know when my “muse” gives me inspiration … today my muse was heard through YOU!! (((HUGS)))


  2. Your beautiful rose dear Amy is very promising and so are your words of love and only love … I can almost see it gradually opening its soft petals to give you dazzling smiles and no more tears … Once we open our hearts to love,we are flooded by warm sentiments to share with those who are dear and near to us.Love knows no bounds and can govern the universe,my friend !!! Sorry,dear,I am carried away by your charming rose-image and your poetic expression and I started rambling again.Love and ((( hugs ))) ♥ , Doda


    1. Yes, Doda, LOVE can and actually does rule the Universe … we just must be tuned to the Love vibration. Your words are a treasure in of themselves, and I cherish them!!! Bless you from the bottom of my heart!!! Please don’t ever apologize for being inspired. Your words carried so much Love to my heart!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. Thank you dear Amy ! Truly,love and especially unconditional love is what moves the world and fuels our souls’ needs … And,as Oscar Wilde used to say,a life without love is like a sunless garden.
        Actually,I feel like commenting when a post inspires me and that’s how I feel with your poems and your rose-images.Although it’s hard for me to express myself and my inner feelings in English as I am not a native speaker.I’m glad you read them ,love ♥♥♥ and (((hugs )))


      2. You just stole my breath due to surprise. Doda, your writing is exceptional, and truly brilliant. I would never have guessed English is not your native tongue. You are really incredible. And to read what you comment, is a heart stirring event for me. Believe me. I thank you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


      3. Thaaaaank U dear Amy ♥,now you know,if you notice any mistakes,just overlook them … Stay well and have a brilliant,rosy week without any thorns.Love and many thanks for commenting on my humble posts ♥


    1. (blush) Thank you, Jack. I write from my heart, and it moves me to tears to know that you understand. And what it takes to come back to life. Bless you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      PS Another thank you for my photography. I am indeed honored. xxoo


    1. I knew others would feel this too, and that is what gave me the courage to write this. Did I already say this to you? LOL I have a “feeling” I did. Or was it to someone else??? Lots of writing to people today. Can you tell? And then there is the Professor batting balls all over the place to me, having at one time FIVE conversations going at the same time. ME? I lost the conversations and just fired back zanny remarks which had me laughing so hard. That man is too much!! And how he makes me laugh! LOL Love, Amy


      1. OH God have mercy!!! You would NOT believe the conversations I am having with him. I don’t even know which threads they are from. I am using the reader so the entire conversation is not even seen. That is why I lost the conversation. Plus he took the weekend off and started again this morning. He is too MUCH! LOL


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