Finding Treasure (12 Photos)

_MG_4631 copy

Today (yesterday to you) found me with my macro lense and camera, winter coat and hat, knee pads, and a determination to get some phenomenal shots, no matter what! And I did! I proceeded to go outside and not even hesitating, I was crawling in the mud. Even though I had knee pads on, my pants got soaked. Now, it was cold out, being only in the 30’s but did I care? Did I go back in the house? No. Why?

What I saw I couldn’t believe. And I don’t think you will either. I was eye ball to grass blade and taking photos of the remaining snow.

_MG_4581 copy

I had my nose pressed in my evergreen ground cover taking shots on my belly.

_MG_4645 copy

For those I was laying on our front sidewalk, and for the others where I was in mud, kneeling in child pose (Yoga) in order to get as close as possible to what I was seeing.

Another shot is of my lavender with drops of water on her, and for that, I was kneeling in my Rose garden deep in mulch.

_MG_4594 copy

I entered a majickal world … One that is right out in my backyard and did not even know existed until today._MG_4612 copy

And this is the majick in all of this … I did not plan on doing this today. I just up and decided I will find something to show all of you and in doing so, I stumbled upon Treasure.

_MG_4569 copy

As I was taking these photographs, I began to sense a reverence for the Moment I was photographying. Even though it has been an exceedingly hard winter, Mother has given me the privilege to document Her final retreat of her Winter Freeze. And so I present to you, the Gift Mother Gave to me yesterday  …

Photography/Writing ©AmyRose

31 thoughts on “Finding Treasure (12 Photos)

    1. Jen, um, I don’t know what bling is. But I am SO glad you enjoyed these!!! I could not believe my own eyes. IF you could see how dull and brown and yucky it is outside and for me to find what I did … miracles! LOVE, Amy


      1. Hehehehehehe Understand completely! LOL I’m not awake until after my second cup of coffee, and then sometimes not even then. (((HUGS))) You are in good company! *Laughing* Amy


  1. Dearest Amy,
    It is with much gratitude in my heart I come here today to thank you for sharing your greening gift from Mother Earth. For today in the new spring light I became a Rose.
    Forest Joy

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    1. Forest Joy, you are making me cry. OMG! YOU do not know how badly I needed some kind of confirmation about something. Bless you! Oh, BLESS YOU!!! How I do Love you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. It was all of your beautiful roses kissed by dewdrops sparkling in quickening light. More tears with more love,’morrow’s dew in dawning light.


  2. the macro world in nature is always “Amazing” any time of the year !….I look forward to just what you will do with that lens when the tiny critters emerge…you really can’t appreciate a BEE, a dragonfly, a butterfly or any other until you experience them up close & personal !….Happy World Water Day dear Amy !….Love, Bev~

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    1. Aw, Margaret Rose, thank you. If you could see the barren, brown, ugly muddy landscape right now, it is a miracle I found what I did. (sigh) Spring is taking forever to get here this year! %^#$ Yep, that’s right! I know that word too!!! LOL


    1. Fascinating is not the word! I could not believe what I saw. I could gaze into the ice crystals in of themselves to see the swirling patterns. What a mind blower to discover things we just take for granted like snow and ice. Have a good day, Mom. Love, Amy


    1. Lor, I still stare at these photographs and I am stunned. I see symbols and shapes in the ice and the way everything IS, is so graceful and powerful at the same time. Mother Nature is THE greatest Artist and I am just the humble photographer who has the honor of documenting Her Work. Bless you today!!! Love, Amy


      1. You are the second person who said something. I wanted BRIGHT so that people SEE me. LOL Thank you, Morgan!!! Love, Amy (Perhaps I am blossoming brighter as well!)


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