LIFE!!! (8 Photo Series)

Spring has sprung! Oh, for the JOY! I found LIFE!

Now, please, bear with me with the following photos. One, I am going through a transformation, so my work is as well. And, second, I was in tears as I shot these photographs, just so happy to see life again, after such a hard, long, and barren Winter. So what I am saying, the clarity on some is not there. Also, I in my haste to find Life, had some settings set wrong on my camera. Yet,

with all that said and done, please rejoice with me, on this the FIRST day of Spring and the fact I found LIFE! I don’t know if what you are about to see is going to make it, for once again, the temperatures are misbehaving and dipping down as low as 10 degrees F. That is way below freezing, so these tender new shoots just might die back.

What you will see, I did not touch. Mother Herself is the Artist. I found it fascinating that on the ground were beautiful patterns, all placed by Wind, Rain, and Snow. Amazing. I was intrigued as I hope you shall be as well.

This has been one of the most, if not the most, brutal Winters I have witnessed. Spring just is having such a tough time pushing Winter aside.

So please enjoy these photographs, cherish them as I do, and know that the Winter of our lives is just about gone. May these photographs give you Hope and JOY in knowing, that I will be soon finding great Treasures to show you. (((HUGS)))

PS I consider March 21st the first day of Spring! When was it decided that March 20th is? I’ve walked this earth for more then half a century and to my knowledge Spring Equinox is on March 21st. So, in MY mind, Spring’s official arrival is March 21st. And now, on to the photographs.

_MG_4523 copy _MG_4267 copy(These two photographs were taken on two separate days. I included them both.)

_MG_4540 copy _MG_4525 copy _MG_4526 copy _MG_4529 copy _MG_4532 copy _MG_4535 copyPhotography/Writing ©AmyRose

51 thoughts on “LIFE!!! (8 Photo Series)

    1. Jamie, I thank you so very much. I almost didn’t post this because of my emotional state (tears) the photos did not come out as clear as I would have wanted them. But, seeing I am human and not perfect, and the overall message of this post was more important than my ego, I posted this. I am so glad you enjoyed. It has been a really long winter and to see signs of spring, well, that is what got the tears going. With Love, Amy


      1. Amy,
        Often I find the story behind the photos just as important as the story the image tells itself. Not every photo has to be perfectly composed or focused to perfectly tell your story. Please ensure your camera continues to come with you for the journey.,


      2. What a breath of fresh air you are!! So many photographers are so beyond critical it is awful. I had one person criticize one of my photos saying there was “noise” in it. Well, gosh, gee, there was noise because of how I took the picture. But the overall effect I thought to be phenomenal. I am so glad I am NOT in competition out in the world, in this dog eat dog world!! Here I am free to do what I want.

        Thank you for your words that helped me more then you know. I’ve been a bit shaky lately, seeming as I wrote, going through a transformation. I’m glad I included what I wrote with these photographs. And I again thank you for your cherished words. Bless you!! Love, Amy


    1. Mom, to see these tiny sprouts evoked such emotion within me. This winter really has been horrible and to finally see GREEN sent me to heaven. It is still so cold outside and I am so concerned that the sprouts that have pushed up will die back because of the cold. We’ll see. Enjoy your GREEN!!! Love, Amy


      1. Me too. Hehehehehehe Head spins. I lost track a LONG time ago. OMG! But it was SO much fun playing table tennis with you! You are GOOD! Respectfully, LadyP … she says demurely under her lashes … hehehehehhehe


    1. Oh, Linda, I really thank you!! Between the tears and forgetting to change some settings, these could have been better. But, again, here I am criticizing myself. These pictures were taken in Love, and so they are what they are. Since I have had no official training, I am going to say, I am doing pretty darn good. It has taken about 15 years to get the feel of Mother when “majick” just happens, and now I am on a learning curve, learning and applying new techniques to my style. So there you have it. I must practice not to get down on myself for being less then perfect. And who (just thought of this) defines perfect anyway? Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder! (smile) Bless you!!! Love, Amy


      1. Oh, Amy, never belittle yourself. You have taken on a formidable task in learning one of those cameras with all the settings. I haven’t got myself up to it! Besides, there is a learning curve for all new things we try! You’ll get comfortable with it and before you know you’ll be snapping away like crazy without even thinking about it! LOL! Hugs to you! 🙂


      2. Linda, you are so sweet!!! I did just as you said today! I started just to snap away. I set my camera to a setting before I went outside, figuring yep, this is good. And then I got lost in the beauty I found! It was glorious! (tears) All the struggles have been worth it. It really is beginning to fall into place!!! Thank you for your kindness to me. Love, Amy


  1. Certainly look as though you’re in for a fine crop of daffydowndillies, Amy ! – and I wish you joy of the geraniums, too (I love ’em !). And everything else !
    Photos don’t have to be technically perfect to be enjoyed, you know …


      1. I hope you like them. I just finished and either it is because I am tired but now they don’t seem so exciting. Oh guys, when you read what I wrote and some of all I did to get the pics on the blog, you might understand. Now, I must go and feed snackies to my gang!!! LOVE! Amy


  2. beautiful and although we didm”t get hammered with snow and freezing weather here on the Washington Coast, we had a long, gray wet, winter.
    Spring is like someone turned on a light in the darkness and I am so grateful it is here.


  3. You are definitely an artist, Amy, such a gift. And I love your words as well “Winter of our lives is just about gone.” … Yes, so wonderful. Blessings of the Lady are raining down upon you, and I’m so happy for that. Love.


    1. Oh, but, Erik, wait until you see (tomorrow) the majick that happened today. How does Lora put it? Just warmin’ up? Yup! Today was just the warmup. 🙂

      And as for the Lady, it’s been quite the “ride”. Wild. The wild has calmed down, thank heavens! and now the hummm of a wildcat purring contentedly, watching and waiting for the creme … In all seriousness I was blown away by what I found. I’m beginning to think my strong point is macro. Just wow! *Goosebumps* xx


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