Be Blessed

54 thoughts on “Be Blessed

    1. Ruth, thank you so much. Bless you for being here!!! I’ve been very busy with muy photography and my blogging has slid downhill. My every prayer is with you for your husband and yourself!!! Be Blessed!! Love, Amy


    1. Oh, Susan, I really have missed you. My life suddenly has just gotten stir nuts. Thank you for being here, for it means a lot to me. And yes, even if we all made an effort this world would change. In a blink of an eye. But so many are set in their ways, narrowed in their thinking, and are all wrapped up in themselves. I will not loose hope that someday others will be walking the Road of Love with those of us who are. With Love, Amy PS IF you know of Kitaro, I am playing his music today. Wow!! His music gives me the goosebumps!!! And it is SO needed! My cats are too funny. They are walking around looking into the air as if they can SEE this music. It is magic!!! LOL


      1. will get me whether or not I am in the blogosphere. My heart is still grieving for my little dog, but it has lightened a little today. The wound is still bleeding where death ripped him away, but my sadness is manageable today.

        I am loving. Loving even the hateful ones is positive. For enlightenment to happen, one must be willing to let go. 🙂

        I do not have Kitaro, but I will see if I can find him on Pandora.

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      2. Oh, Susan, I am so sorry about your dog. I did not know. Oh God, I know the pain you are in. And I am crying for you. You had to say goodbye to one who knew only Love. May my Love be felt as I envision my arms wrapped around you to comfort you. I am writing down your email. Love, Amy


      3. Thank you, Amy. I had Wu with me for almost 15 glorious years. He was/is my better self. I learned so much from him. I will never forget him.


      4. I feel your heart and I feel your pain. Wu is with my beloved cats playing freely and without pain or sickness. One day we will join them and together we play for as long as we choose. Stay well, Susan. To me, loosing a fur angel is worse then loosing a human in your life. Our fur angles know love as humans (most) do not. With Love, Amy


    1. I have a Gift with flowers. This I do not say lightly. Nor do I take lightly. I have seen the “glow” on our property and how others look. I am truly blessed. Every year the colors seem to deepen and become more vibrant. It has become an amazing thing to watch unfold! My Rose know I love them. Love, Amy


    1. (tears) You guys I have been in tears now for two days. I wrote a poem as to why which I will post probably over the weekend. I am really crying as I write this. Holy Moly, for real. My heart is wide open and the LOVE I feel is overwhelming!!! Love, Amy


    1. Resa, I just checked and I saw Pinterest under the MORE button. I don’t know why WP put my share buttons as they did, but that is where you will find it. Bless you and I really am very touched that you want to do this!! Love,Amy


      1. Thanks, Amy! “lol” Didn’t think to look under “more”. 😎
        I’ll send you the board link after I put a couple up!
        Resa xo


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