Coming Home

If you had told me 30 years ago
my life would be what it is today,
I would have laughed,
and said,
“You fool. You do not know
of what you speak.”
Yet here today I do stand
in a life that does not even
to what I “thought” my life
would be …
Even though I was wrong,
I can and I will say,
“I am so blessed.
I have come Home
to you and to me.
For you see,
I have come Home to Love.”
Photography/Poetry ©AmyRose
[ It is very evident I adjusted the background on this photo in PS. The background detracted from this Rose’s Beauty so I chose to tone it down in order for this Rose’s Esence to be clearly seen. Yet, please understand this. This Rose as you see Her, is exactly as she was in my garden last year. Her vibrancy in “real Life” took my breath away. May you be blessed by Her, and my words that I gave Her as well. (((HUGS))) ]

172 thoughts on “Coming Home

    1. My oh MY! What do I owe all the visits to today, Shrimp? Of course that Rose looks delicious! I can you you muching all the way from here! *shaking head*


  1. Dear Amy, I am thinking of you today, my heart goes out to you in your loss, I am praying you will find peace in the memories of your father. It eases with time, but we don’t and never want to forget this wonderful man we called our Dad. My love to you! Holly

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    1. Dearest Holly, I am determined to continue with Life in all I do, for that is exactly what my Dad would want me to do. Yes, I have my moments and I honor them. To know he is finally with his Jesus and his suffering is at an end, brings such Peace to me. I know with time, the missing him will lessen, but right now that really hurts. Bless you! Love, Amy


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