Falling in Love

34 thoughts on “Falling in Love

  1. Velvet-like your love-words softly touching the pure souls,beyond beautiful your rose … dear friend Amy !!! Love its promising buds,its brilliant petals and the emerging true love from the bottom of its heart … You and your delightful rose brought light and happiness to my day. Loved it all ; stay well and have a very peaceful and creative day ~~♥~~♥♥♥♥~~♥~~ !!!


    1. The day you came into my life, I cried for sheer JOY. Tears are very evident as I write this as well today, for your words are of Pure Light. I hope you realize how special you are, Doda. Bless you! Love, Amy


      1. Noble words come from noble people …Have you ever thought that nice words are like rose petals ?
        Please don’t answer … that’s simply a rhetorical question.I’ sure you have ~~~~~~~~~♥


    1. And that is what makes it so profound. Simplicity works. Hope your day is a good one, Jen!! Just explained to Morgan I am up to my eyeballs lately in my photography. (sigh) Whew!!! I am doing another series this time on the sunrise. Still have yet to put all that together but at least I chose the 10 pics out of about 100 to use. I call that pre-editing. OK!!! On I go!!! Are we having fun yet?? LOL


      1. Ahaha!!! Oh Amy, I hear ya!!! You made me laugh. I am here trying to sort my pictures right this minute! ( I’m pretty sure I’ve a slight headache coming on. Lol.)
        It sure is fun and well worth it though.
        Have a great time! Looking forward to your post. X


      2. I am SO glad I made you laugh, Jen. LOL I have about another 100 pics to go through for another 10 pic post (Spring is Springing). That is a LOT of work, BUT when you get those 10 pics and edit them and put them all together….Wowza!!! I will think of you as I pre-edit those 100 pics. I’m glad I made you laugh. People (for the most part) don’t realize how hard we work behind the scenes. I can’t wait to see your pics,FYI…. Cool beans!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


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