A few days ago this past week, I became curious as to what was inside a Rose of Sharon’s dormant bud. A world I did not even know existed came into view with the aid of my camera, and so I am sharing that fascinating world with you. I attempted to google what the purpose of these buds are, but I didn’t find much except for a photo. http://www.wunderground.com/wximage/netdweller/191?gallery= Could what I was seeing actually be seeds waiting for the Spring to be released? I don’t know. All I do know, what I found, was a Treasure.

All of these photographs were taken with my macro lense, and in manual focus. The breeze was blowing and I was so close to these buds, that my automatic focus kept going in and out, due to the wind moving the branches. On top of shaking hands (most of the photos did not come out) and holding my breath, I was taking all these pictures in manual focus. Call it a Labor of Love. Or lunacy if you will. All I know is, when I see something as breathtaking as you are about to see, it brings with it such a sense of awe and wonder. How Divinity expresses Herself in ways that She does, brings tears to my eyes for the spectacular Artist She is.

Enjoy! I want to hear the OOOOHHHHS and AAAHHHHHHS! Oh, before I close the first photo is one of the Rose of Sharon bush, actual size. In the first one, I circled an example of what I was photographing. With that in mind, are you ready to see something you have NEVER seen before? Whoa! I just got the goosebumps as I said that! You will not believe your eyes! Get ready for a treat. (((HUGS)))

IMG_3829 copyIMG_3843 copyIMG_3780 copyIMG_3803 copyIMG_3807 copyIMG_3822 copyPhotography/Writing ©AmyRose

50 thoughts on “HOLY MACRO !!!

    1. Bless you, Sreejith, for your loving words. There really is a world that we don’t even know exists, and I am finding it with my macro. These photos blew me away! Love, Amy


      1. You are absolutely right. I felt the same when I used to take macro shots with my old point and shoot 🙂

        Getting a sharp macro shot is a very rewarding feeling altogether.


      2. Thank you! YOU know it is NOT easy to get a clear photo with a macro. Combine that with a breeze and taking the shots on manual. I must have shot at least 50-75 shots, and out of those, maybe all of (what you see on my blog) plus perhaps 2 more came out clear. That’s it. One needs a very steady hand, a sharp eye, and faster finger. (smile) Thank you again, Sreejith. You are someone who can appreciate the extent I went to get these shots. You put a huge grin on my face!!! Love, Amy


      3. I’m not sure if this will be my strong area yet. My strongpoint is flowers, and I must use my other lense for them. I seem to still be growing, Sreejith, so you will see what happens, as I will.

        And you are a very smart man, by the way. I liked the way you respected your wife to give her the “room” to do what she loves. You are a good man. Peace to you this day! Love, Amy


    1. I am laughing. I was SAYING Holy macro when I was viewing these shots, and it “dawned” on me … I just said the title. Heehehehehe I love “synchronicities”. And yes, Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me and She reveals Her secrets to me and then I share then here. Wow!!! Love, Amy


  1. Wow, you make using a macro look easy, but reading the comments above, I’m even more impressed. Those seeds are so beautiful. Thanks for showing me. 🙂


    1. I THINK they are seeds, not too sure, Brenda. I may make this look easy, but behind the scenes, I really struggled. I did it though!!! And the results? You are looking at them!!! I LOVE finding things in Nature that you just don’t see. Come this Spring, I will be a Super Sleuth! Hehehehehe LOVE, Amy


    1. Thank you, Leanne. Macro is entirely different from a zoom lense. It is very challenging to get clear photos, contending with shaking hands and the breezes. I took about 75 photos of the Rose of Sharon bush, and all that you see here, plus maybe 2 or 3 others, came out clear. You are so used to archetectural lines, that don’t move, you might get very frustrated with a macro. I am just being very honest with you, Leanne. You have a certain style, and technique, and everything that you know right now, will change with a macro lense. Are you prepared to really learn how to work with a macro lense?

      I’ve been SO busy studying photography, taking photos, keeping up with my blog that has begun to explode, that I have harldy had the time to talk to you over at your blog. For that, I feel sad because I enjoy your site so much. I’ve also been doing a lot of PR work to thank people who come to Petals, which is very time comsuming.

      OH! I won’t use google+. I found out that with my iPad, all my pics in camera roll are on google+ and I will not have that happen. So, I am working only in the WP community to increase my followers, which again is very time consuming. But I prefer the personal touch anyways, so it is worth it to me.

      OK! I must eat lunch … and here it is going on 5pm. Walked in after a gym session and now must eat, get my post together for tomorrow, answer a ton of comments, not only on my blog but on others, and if I can, continue with my PR work. And give out medications to those cats who need them, and of couse take time to Love them as well.

      It was great connecting with you!! I really miss you!!! With (((HUGS))) Amy


  2. Hard to believe that is all inside those buds. Will have to check to see if my Rose of Sharon contains anything that looks like that!


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