Transform Your Life

28 thoughts on “Transform Your Life

  1. As a teacher who sees about 560 students every week, “Don’t take things personally” is a very good motto to live by! Except, of course, when things are going awesomely well, in which case, I take it all personally 🙂 Luckily, I have plenty of good days with the kids.

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    1. Thank you, Mom. I took this photo with my cheap lense last summer, and I had to do some adjusting in Photoshop in order for it look really good. One thing I have gained from working with a cheap lense, is how to make a so-so photo, look like a great photo. There are blessings in ALL things!!!

      Bless you, for the compliment and for being here. My next post will be my words and another beautiful flower. Love, Amy


      1. I will have a Great Weekend! I am getting my hair done! LOL I am going to try to grow it to at least shoulder length … we’ll see. I usually get so fed up with it, I end up getting it cut short. Hehehehehe Again, we’ll see! Love you!!! 😘😘


      2. I do that as well. right now its below my shoulders and Im about ready to cut it again. Hope you like it whatever you end up doing 😉


      3. Thanks, Morgan. I plan on getting it cut so I can grow it out, and take it from there. Right now it is a little below ear level. Have a great weekend. I’m a bit under the weather, so I think I might be off of here the weekend. Love, Amy


  2. I know. It’s only common sense. But I was raised to it, and it’s the most difficult eradication I face. I honestly doubt I’ll ever get rid of it before I fall off the twig.
    Lovely pic., but.


    1. Margaret Rose, welcome to the human race. Dichotomy, irony, inside-out life. All we can ask of ourselves is to do our best. That’s it. And hopefully we all get a wee wiser before we fall off the twig. (smile)


  3. A great reminder for the weekend, Amy. I was raised in a culture of blame and I am so glad that I do not have to live there ever again. Sometimes I just have to close my mouth and let the person pointing a finger discover that you can’t argue by yourself. 😀


      1. Good for YOU, Susan! I am SO darn proud of you! It is NOT easy to break those habits we were either taught or learned out of dysfunction. Sending LOVE, Amy


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