Sovereign Sunset (10 Photo Series)

IMG_3449 copyIMG_3451 copyIMG_3453 copyIMG_3457 copyIMG_3460 copyIMG_3461 copyIMG_3463 copyIMG_3466 copyIMG_3473 copyIMG_3481 copy


(One thing I learned doing this photo series is to take my light meter reading in the same spot. I did not, hence the lighting does not look exactly the same. I attempted to adjust the lighting in PS but still there is a difference. So, next time I do a photo series, I will make darn sure I take my light reading in the same area! And if my “lingo” is not exactly ight, it just goes to show you I really am self taught.)

35 thoughts on “Sovereign Sunset (10 Photo Series)

      1. I can’t wait to see them. A long time ago I did a series at the beach as the sun rose. I nearly got eaten alive bye no see ums, but it was worth it. 😀


      2. Cool. Not cool about the no see ums. They are nasty little buggers and leave quite the bite. I also live by Lake Erie and to get the best pics of sunsets is by water. It’s a bit of a drive so I would have to make arrangements in order for me to get there. Maybe I will try to find a clearer area in the park I took these in. There are just too many buildings and wires and poles in the way … it is not easy to get a clear shot of the sky without manmade interference. 😦


    1. I don’t have a favorite. When I took these, my heart was in my throat. The absolute beauty, the stillness, the colors. It was such JOY to be doing this, and then to pass these on to you. I am going to try to take more sunsets, because with the nice weather, the sunsets become more brilliant. I am thrilled you are enjoying my blog!!! Love, Amy


  1. Beautiful pictures love. I took some pictures yesterday of Pink Roses and thought of you my Sweet Amy. I will post them later this week for you.


    1. Wonderful, Lora! I am at this moment enjoying the warmth of the Sun today, coming in for my camera (of course LOL). We are getting slammed with a huge snow storm starting tomorrow, so this day for me, IS Spring!!! xxoo, Amy


      1. Enjoy the day sweetie. Tomorrow grab a good book and relax in front of the fireplace and let the weather do what it wants. Smile there could be some damn nice pictures in that storm.

        All my love .


      2. True. Very true. So herein lies a blessing, or what could be one. Yes, I have books. I think I have 4 books I am presently reading. LOL None are novels, but when I do read a novel, it is strictly that. NO, these are poetry, and inspirational, and photography study books. (smile) I do know how to entertain myself. xc


    1. Go for it, Jen. You’ll have to do it on manual focus OR if you are lucky you’ll get it on automatic. Good luck!!! Isn’t it FUN to do this??? And thank you for your compliment, and for being here!!! Both mean so much to me! Love, Amy


      1. Oh Amy,

        I managed to get some rain pics yesterday. (Not of the best but I’m happy with it.)
        I was even pleasantly surprised with a stunning sunset after all that rain! 🙂



  2. I am IMPRESSED, even though I was married to a stillsman for 31 years and know very little about photography. Meaning that I hope the opinion of an ignoramus is acceptable. 🙂


    1. You my friend, are NO ignoramus. Give me a break. You have eyes, and if you like what you see, there you go, that is all you need. Thank you SO much for the compliment. I learned a lot from doing these, and what I received as well, from Mother Nature, was deep Peace. All is Good! Love, Amy


  3. Hello Amy…

    I love the progression of light in these pictures you have taken. So beautifully done… And your blogs seems both inspiring and poetic … I´ll catch up with your newest posts, for sure..

    Best wishes, Aquileana 😉


    1. Thank you so much, Aquileana. You being here means so much to me. I really put a lot of thought into each day as to what I will be posting here to bring you beauty and inspiration. (((HUGS))), Amy


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