How technology has invaded mankind like some kind of virus. What happened to the days when people actually spoke face-to-face? Remember the…

6 thoughts on “How technology has invaded mankind like some kind of virus. What happened to the days when people actually spoke face-to-face? Remember the…

  1. When I read it today, I thought I was too emotional in certain places and I could have made the article more cohesive. It was written quickly, for as per usual, I was having a busy day. (sigh) Oh well. It is written now, so no going back. Seriously, I am open to honest feedback, because I really want to know if or how I can improve. Presently, I am so focused on learning more in photography, that my writing is taking a back burner. Though…

    I did write a poem for tomorrow. It is about finding Spring, and that is all I am going to say about the matter. You will just have to come visit me on the morrow. Hehehehe

    Love, Amy


  2. Amy I couldn’t agree with you more. Just a week ago I flew out of town with my husband and we even had a layover but needless to say it was crowded and pretty much anti social on the plane and off…..My thoughts were in relation to this and how being in such a tight space for so long or a waiting room for so long and all people do is stare on at their phones, books, eyelids or others. What an experience……..!

    I will add that having moved into our new neighborhood this past summer, all of our neighbors welcomed us…WOW…right!! Lets just say that was a first in a very long time πŸ˜‰ and a blessing indeed….

    I think that is another reason I enjoy blogging on here because we speak to each other. Strangers across the globe! Imagine if we were all close πŸ˜‰


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    1. It can get incredibly downright freaky when no one is speaking to others and instead of hearing the babble of voices or laughter, one hears phone conversations, or hums of machines. I deliberately make noise when I am at the gym or outside, trying to get people to detach themselves from the machines and interact with me. It’s so sad that neighbors don’t know one another, yet I know someone who lives outside of my country, better then they. I miss the closeness, the knit feeing of community. And the way things are going, when we leave this plane, those left behind won’t even know what a close knit society is and the distance between people will grow even wider. That and both the verbal and written form of communication are being lost. I speak here of letter writing, writing on paper. I love writing my thoughts down, and in fact, that is how I write when I am first inspired. I have a yellow tablet of lined paper, and you should see the pages and pages of what I have written. There is magic to me in paper and ink. Of course I have had a love affair with books all my life, so when I smell or see paper and ink, it does something to my heart. It moves me. And my brain. I will not read on kindle either. I must read a book, feel a book in my hands, smell a book in order to know I am reading a book. So much is being lost, Tonya. The younger generations don’t even know what is being lost, because they never even experienced it. Wow…. That was a book!!! LOL Yes, imagine if we were all close. Would we still be friends? Or would our human failures and weakness and habits turn us away? With life you get real. On here, you basically can be anyone you want to be. I don’t fake it, and neither do a lot of people, but then there are many who do fake it. Ahhh……I’m stopping now. Good night, my friend. Sending Much Love your way!!! Love, and (((HUGS))) Amy


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