Language of Light (7 Photo Series)

24 thoughts on “Language of Light (7 Photo Series)

    1. They are living! Did you ever really think about that? They breathe like you. They exist like you. The breezes rustle them, just like you. When I took these photos, I took about 100. I just kept on doing different things. The breeze was blowing so these pine needles were constantly moving. Several times I had tears stinging my eyes. The beauty took my breath away!!! LOVE YOU! Amy


    1. Thank YOU! Yes, manually focused. I had to. The wind was blowing the pine needles and the autofocus would not focus. So I took the leap of faith and I put it on manual. I really appreciate your comment. Wow! It meant the world to me!!! Love, Amy


      1. Hey, great shots deserve a complement or two.

        I often use a couple of old manual focus lenses on my digital camera, and I often prefer them to the current autofocus lenses. It takes a bit of practice, but before long you can easily nail it almost every time. For some reason it just feels more controlled.

        Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Seeds on the Winds

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