Poet’s Corner

*If Rumi was alive, I would hug and kiss this man. The following words I know I have touched upon myself in my own writings, and some of you may perhaps remember that I did so. But, I feel it extremely important that you understand what Rumi says, is really the Truth. There is a “school of thought” out there, that says, you are what is reflected around you. For the longest time, that tormented me, because what I saw in many around me, had no-thing to do with me. I am the mirror. That is who I am, and all my life I have functioned in this manner. It just IS. For this reason alone, not many people can be close to me for long. Why? Because I mirror those aspects in them, they really do not wish to see. So, that being said, let’s see what Rumi says.*

“Threaten not the selfless

with the sword of anger

you will only harm yourself.

They have found safety in selflessness

mirroring all that is around them.

Spit at the mirror, you will be spitting at yourself.

What you see, ugliness or beauty,

IMG_0551 copy.jpg 2

is your own reflection.

Simple and pure

the selfless act as a mirror for the world.”


Source:  “Rumi’s Little Book of Life”

Translated by Maryam Mafi and Azima Melita Kolin

Photography/Writing ©AmyRose

7 thoughts on “Poet’s Corner

  1. Thank you for this Amy! I had not read this poem, and I love it! It carries so much truth and wisdom! Thank you for posting it so that I could see it! 🙂 I will write it down in my dairy now so I can keep it with me 🙂

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    1. OH, yes, Line, this is a keeper. I too need to write down these words where I can see them daily. I know you too act as a mirror, for I can feel that in you. It hurts, doesn’t it, how others at times treat us. We have to learn not to take it personally, for they are oly reacting like a wounded bear, to what they don’t wish to acknowledge within themselves. Love, Amy


    1. Thank you, Line! You are actually the first person to say you like my new theme. I redid my entire blog over the weekend, using a new theme and then a new photo and getting the colors just right. It was a BIG job! Love, Amy


  2. We humans in general have forgotten how to really live, and how we are all connected. When we deliberately harm someone else, we harm ourselves. Thank you for this meditation, Amy.


    1. I love Rumi, and some of his words just blow me away. Many in WordPress love him too, as he is considered one of the Greats. Hope your day was a Good One!! Love, Amy


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