Peeking out behind my shield

IMG_2942 copy

I see if Spring has come to me.

It appears I have been in Winter too long

IMG_3149 copy

frozen, numb,

IMG_3145 copy

buried in snow.

My soul yearns as too my heart

Yellow Flowers copy.jpg 2

for gentle caresses upon my skin.

The warmth I need so desperately

IMG_1851 copy.jpg 2

to bring me back to life again.

Spring, come, oh Blessed Spring,

so I may dance to the Beat of Joy

and marvel at Your majestic

IMG_2245 copy 2

Brilliant Bouquet.

OH my desire for Thee to come!

Please don’t tarry. And come to me!


IMG_2343 copy

Photography/Poetry ©AmyRose

21 thoughts on “Yearning

    1. VERY male. See? You don’t have to go to the adds. I have SO many hunky delicious males, one by the name of MAX, and they are all FIXED. This Kat is Rusty. He is a hunk and a half and he knows it. LOVE the icicles too. Good choice!!! xxoo Mom BonZo


      1. Of course he will bring you a rose. He is one very romantic fella. One look into his TURQUOISE eyes and you are a gonner. I know I am. 🙂 Meow! *Trills*


    1. There are not enough hours in the day as it is. I work two full time jobs and there are days I don’t know how I make it to bed. If I start going to the Pond, I will want to stay there. That is the truth. I must travel where my heart points me. I hope Vive is doing well, as you. Thank you for being here today, JayJay. Love, Amy


    1. Thank you, Linda! That is Rusty, and he is a character! He is ONE of 14 living in our home. One of many I love who have special needs. I don’t remember if I got over to see you today. If not, it has been AGAIN one of those days!!! Love, Amy


  1. Beautiful photos! Yes, we are all anxious for Spring. We had 70’s on Sunday and today it is down in the teens again – crazy weather!


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