Sneak Peak at What is To Come

To give you all a better perspective regarding the macro photography I am doing, I decided to take a photograph to show you the “real” size of what I am using my macro lens on. Maybe with the photograph below, you will better understand when I tell you, that I really do shake. I do not have any extensions, so in order to get close enough to capture what I am, yes, I am squatting and sustaining that squat. I at times find myself holding my breath as well, and when I am finished with what I am shooting, stand up, and gulp huge lungfuls of air. Yesterday as I was shooting some pictures, I held my breath for so long, after standing up, I had to lean on our brick on the front of our house, just gasping for air.

So, I am telling you all this because I want you to know what a person goes through using a macro lens without an extension. This lens does NOT zoom, so in order to capture what you want, you move, not the camera’s lens.

That being said, the following photograph is self-explanatory. I drew in Photoshop a circle around my foot print, and an example of what I take pictures of. This is REAL size. When you see what will be coming, maybe the oohs and ahhs will be louder. (smile) We’ll see.

IMG_3177 copy

Photography/Writing ©AmyRose

12 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at What is To Come

    1. Nope still here. Just tired. On my way over to the barn next door to feed the cats there (again). Towards the end of Winter, I just get real tired from going back and forth all Winter long. (yawn) See ya! …


      1. Good night, Don. I have to fit blogging in around my life. I have two jobs. Full time. I don’t remember hitting the pillow some nights. 🙂


      2. Actually, Don, I am learning to push beyond my comfort zone, find balance, and go from there. When I am in the “learning curve” it is tough, I won’t kid you about that. And then I remember a time when I thought I could not clean out all the kitty litters and take care of all the cats I do. I remember feeling so exhausted and thinking no way, I just am not able to do this. Now? I can do it in my sleep. Yes, it is a lot of work but it now has become my comfort zone.

        The key is to find balance and when to know when to pull back or when to keep going. That is not easy. You never know what you can do, until you at least try. I know that one by heart. 🙂 xxoo, Amy


    1. Honey, that is an older post and I was talking about the macro photography I was posting after it. I am doing macro photography hopefully tomorrow, so you will get to see what my macro is like. Macro is so different from regular photography and very challenging yet FUN!!!! Love, Amy


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