Food 4 Thought

It’s easier to let go

the reigns of Life,

IMG_2562 copy

then it is to keep on living.

May these words be heard

IMG_2260 copy

by young

IMG_2671 copy

and old alike,

for with age,

IMG_2668 copy

living becomes more challenging.

©Amy Rose~

*I knew when I posted this, it would not be popular. These are the “truths” that many are in denial about, or if you are young, you don’t know this truth yet. When you know “life”, you can get in the “habit” of LIVING right now, no matter the age. What exactly do I mean when I say get into the “habit” of Living? Take a good look around you. How many “walking dead” do you see on a daily basis, people just going through the motions? I have observed young and old lately, seemingly as though they have given up on going after their Dreams, barely able to form a smile on their faces. This message is to encourage you, not to discourage you. If you NOW adapt an attitude to embrace life with gusto, that pattern follows you. Yes, admittedly, physically speaking, living becomes more challenging due to the aging process. Yet, if you do your very best, the temptation to throw the towel in will fly right by you.*

21 thoughts on “Food 4 Thought

    1. Thank you, Morgan! I am learning so much. These photos really “spoke” to me, and even though this is a “tough” message, it is true. So no matter the age, keep on living. This has been my Lesson this past winter. I have discovered how easy it is just to let go, give in to fatigue and pain, and just fade out. I am not fading out, my friend. I have only just begun!!! xxoo, Amy

      On Saturday, February 22, 2014, Petals Unfolding wrote:



      1. Mor, you still have youth on your side. If you got anything from this message, keep the upbeat attitude you have and take care of your body and mind. I had an attitude … I will NOT let age get me. Well, guess what? I am feeling it, this past year, and for me to admit that, oh boy. It began last year when I didn’t have the oomph for my gardens like I used to have. Menopause and what THAT does on a woman’s body is shocking. I right now am fighting back going back to the gym and working out with weights, doing the treadmill, and walking outside. I do NOT like this aging process, but I will do ALL I can to stay healthy and strong.

        I never got to my photos today. (sad face) Busy washing floors, giving hubs a hair cut, laundry, taking care of cats, helping hubs with Adobe … (scream!) LOL. Tomorrow is another day, thank KAT, (grin!) so I will go with my camera then.

        I feel terrible I have not been too active on your site. Morgan, honestly, it is like life cranked up on HIGH and I am just running. DANG! I wake up lately in a panic. What today? I then pray for help, and God always answers my prayers. Wow! I know you said you are busy too. It’s been NUTS! Anyways, I do LOVE you! Amy


      2. You are so right, Amy, every day I pray for His help, to help me do what I can do TODAY, and not lose my focus. I work out as much as I can, but I’ll never be Heidi Klum LOL. I try to work on my blog, Im trying to finish up Dark Fey and get it published, Im trying to continue to tone up and be healthy, trying to build that firm foundation, trying to …see what I mean? yeah, we get overburdened sometimes, thats for sure!


      3. I keep saying I must cut down, yet it seems I am adding to my schedule. All we can do, my friend, is our best. Eating right and exercise is a must. You let those go, and things have a way of catching up. Everything in moderation as well, but, man, with this blogging and all I do in real life … I need to be 3 people sometimes.

        Thanks for being in my life, Mor. I really mean that. I haven’t been able, like I said, to get over to see you at your blog. I feel so “rushed” especially the last week that I just asked myself today, if perhaps my Thyroid med is too high again and needs adjusting. Or is it just life?

        I can’t wait for your book. I’ll bet your family feels the same way. Imagine, being your age and getting a book published! I am SO proud of you!!! You deserve so much recognition for what you do. You are seriously a genius when it comes to words. You boggle my mind!! Love, Amy

        On Saturday, February 22, 2014, Petals Unfolding wrote:



      4. OH Amy you are so wonderful 🙂 I do know what you mean about being rushed. there are so many blogs to visit, so many things I want to write, so many things I need to do in my “real” life…I agree, I sometimes need to be 5 people! But Friends like you, who gently support and encourage, make that “struggle”…that uphill battle, entirely worthwhile 🙂

        Yes, I MUST get working on my book today. I think I will spend the day reblogging some of my earlier stuff and spend the afternoon revising and proofing 🙂 Thanks for the Boost of motivation!!!!!


      5. Anytime, Morgan. You just gave me the brilliant idea to reblog on the days I need to kick back or I get too busy. I’ve been so computer focused lately, not only on my blog, but running around encouraging others. It just felt so freeing NOT to post much of anything today and not to run around like a madwoman to the sites I go to. Yes, the reader is handy, but I really try to stop and comment on blogs that my heart calls me to. SO many gifted and lovely people on WordPress that I relate to…

        Hmmm….I’m going to reblog something now. I haven’t even had the time to go through my posts as I had planned on doing. Some of them from when I first began are so-so and I am thinking of just taking off.

        Anywho….You do what you must to make your dream come true. I support you 100%! xxoo, Amy

        On Sunday, February 23, 2014, Petals Unfolding wrote:



  1. A year ago, I was in the middle of a major depression. I sat all day moving only when nature called for food or relief. One day I said, “If I don’t change this around, I might as well be dead.” It was hard, getting started. Simple things that I used to do without even thinking of them had to be relearned in increments of baby steps. I started projects, put them down and only months later picked them up and had to start all over again. I felt like I was already dead.

    I read a library book about depression, and one of the things the author emphasized was an attitude of thankfulness. So, I took a deep breath and did a series of posts on FB expressing gratitude for various things. Very slowly, two steps forward and one back for months. Some days were dark, but I had learned to fight by then and I picked myself up and moved forward as I could. I had to let go of some things, and learn to pick up some others.

    Then, trembling, I began to reach out to neighbors and others. Just a hello or a smile. And then volunteering in a second grade class and now at the library. I still get knocked down on some days, but I’m able to get up and keep on moving forward.

    Thank you for this reminder, Amy. XOXO


    1. Susan, I realized last night I did not answer this. Yet, there are no accidents so I waited until today to answer you.

      I’ve wrestled with depression myself and have gotten to the point I just didn’t want to go on. Just the thought of walking out the front door was monumental. I understand totally how extremely challenging it is to change our thought patterns, and to begin opening our hearts again. YOU helped yourself, and I am so proud of you for doing it. Antidepressants are not the answer for most people. The answer is to change our thoughts and our lives in order to incorporate things we love to do and enjoy doing.

      I still get knocked down as well, and on those days, I call it my “super human effort” to get off the couch and to move. Today for example. I am not posting, the first time I am doing that since I began this blog in last September. I need time for me, Susan, so I am taking my camera and having some fun today. I have given of myself so much, I need to pull back to give to me. That is not easy for me to do, for I am a giver. I believe that I have done what I set out to do here at Petals, and a day off, perhaps a few, won’t make any difference. When I come back, my blog and my friends will be waiting for me.

      And then come Spring. I will be so involved with gardening that the time that I spend loving others here will be drastically reduced. So perhaps what I am being led to do now, is just a little preview of what is to come when I am very busy in my gardens.

      Take care of yourself, Susan. Know that you are loved by me, and I “see” you as very special. I know what it feels like to be dead, and I know what it is like to start something and not finish it. In the span of one year (2013) so many losses and so many situations of pain hit me nonstop, I reeled under it all, and somewhere I “died”. I have begun to start feeling alive again, and I pray that this continues, because I miss my sparkle. Darn it, life can really punch some hard punches. Now I understand why my mother’s eyes looked dead years ago. She and I met for lunch, she having flown in from NC, and when I looked into her eyes, I was shocked to see no life. I have seen my mother’s eyes. When I look into the mirror. (tears) God help me, I will come back to life, because I just won’t let life beat me up. Why do you think I post all these wonderful sayings and inspirational words? These are the very words I say to ME in order to get through my days. I AM Joy and Strength this day and so are you, Susan! I Love you! Amy


      1. Amy, my heart prays for you when I cannot find the words. I am here. If you want to talk, call me. If you have Verizon, it can be any time, otherwise a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. I love you. XOXOXO Susan


      2. Susan, I took down your number and I deleted it. I didn’t want to leave it on the internet. I’m OK. Just coming back from a really difficult phase of my life. I will call when I can because I would really love to talk to you. I heard your story of your struggle and I wanted you to know you were far from being along. I understand in spades. There is only one way in my book, and that is UP. And in the coming back, that around me is coming to life that had been dead. I am seeing miracles happen in my husband. Love, Amy


    1. Thank you, Rosania, for your beautiful words! Yes, Time is a great teacher. This is one of the things that motivate me to leave here what Life and Spirit have taught me and still are teaching me.

      Bless you for visiting my blog. I am indeed honored. Love, Amy


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