12 thoughts on “Freedom”

  1. This is so true…there is a peace found in sioence that we just can’t find anywhere else. Too many people fear silence, and for what? Maybe because they’re afraid of what they might find in themselves?!? Have a very nice end of day Amy, big hugs.


    1. Bless you, Delvi! Yes, people do fear silence for in that silence they would begin to have to slow down and see their life for what it really is. Not easy by far. Yet, the illusions we all tend to build our lives upon, will someday come crashing down, so why not see what IS now?

      Big (((HUGS))), Amy


    1. Thank you, Tonya. The deeper I go within, the more I rely on Me, the more powerful my words are becoming. Rising above a lifetime of fear of saying Truth……and so it IS.

      Love, Amy


      1. I am grateful to watch you grow and see all of your blessings flow through you onto the paper…
        I feel a shift going on my way..not sure if you do.
        I am grateful for all of our growth as well…
        Love Tonya


      2. Yes, Tonya, I do feel a shift. I plunged down, existed in the void, and as of last night, began to come up again. In the coming up I am feeling a surge of energy as is evident in my words today. I am a “sensitive” to energy, and believe me when I do say, this gets very challenging.

        I have a method I devised for myself. I go within, “feel” where my prana energy lies, and if low, I manually breathe it up to my High Heart, and then keep it there. It takes practice, and every time I fall into the lower emotions, that energy of course falls. I call it my “elevator”. I also bring my attention to my third eye, again feeling the energy rise to that “sacred spot”. Combine with High Heart, I flow in NOW. Again, practice is what it takes. I admit, not easy to maintain.

        Love, Amy


      3. So many things I have to learn yet and what a beautiful process you have come up with for your self.
        I have had so much going on with hardly any time but to deal and move on but I will get there ;)Thank You for sharing….


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