How Many Positions in 5 Minutes?

Photographing Bella tonight, I was amazed how many sleeping positions she showed me. All in a manner of about 5 minutes. She was sound asleep for in setting up my camera gear, she did not once open her eyes or show signs she knew I was there, as in an ear twitching towards me. Click after click and with each and every one, she showed me a new position. I wonder what she was dreaming of?

All were taken without a flash except for one. Can you guess which one? It’s pretty obvious.

You talk about Innocence Personified. Just seeing her sleeping like this, and I know waiting for me, puts my Heart in my throat. Bella when she first came to us, yes, SHE came to us……was horribly abused, filthy, terrified, and sick. How anyone could even look at this Beautiful Feline with anything BUT Love is beyond me. Now, she is Loved beyond Measure.

And this makes me Happy.These photographs show one very pampered and Loved Bella Marie.

IMG_1471 copy IMG_1474 copy IMG_1475 copy IMG_1476 copy IMG_1477 copy

9 thoughts on “How Many Positions in 5 Minutes?

    1. Dotta, she is my Bella Heartbeat. We have had Bella I think four years now, and she still to this day anxiety issues. She will not mix with the other cats easily and in fact, eats every meal in our study with the door closed. We have figured out how to keep her as happy as possible by following her lead.

      Love, Amy


    1. Thank you, Birgitta. Yes, I do love this little one so much. She sleeps right next to my head every night. I couldn’t even imagine a life without her. She is my Bella Baby.

      Love, Amy


  1. Those photos are great! Bella Marie is sooo beautiful!!! And well, since Bella looks like a model, she probably wanted to show her best poses for the camera. 😉 Thank you for loving all of your cats the way you do! You are very special for caring so much! We heart you, dear Mom Bonzo! ❤

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino 🙂


      1. She is so lucky to have found you to care for her. Such a deep white ball of fluff. And she sleeps so sweet and peacefully. One of my cats that came to my daughter’s apartment in California, I took in 2008. She had been lost for a year according to her owner whose phone number was on the collar. So she lived on the streets during that time. She doesn’t mix with my other cats either, and she stays in the bedroom on my bed or on the top of the bed rest all the time. She only leaves the bedroom to use the kitchen litter box. It’s amazing what one year of trauma and living unsafely can do to affect these cats for the remainder of their lives.


      2. Sunny, your cat sounds like Bella. Bella does not socialize well, keeps mainly to my bedroom on the pillow you see her on, she eats in the study with the door closed, and runs from any of the other cats. When she first came she literally screamed if anyone came near her. Now, she sleeps with me every night, she doesn’t flinch when I touch her or hold her, and no matter how tired I am, she insists I touch her and stroke her when I come to bed. There is a tower in the living room that I actually carry her down to, in order for her to sit on. I have to coax her to be more sociable.

        What was done to her, I don’t even know the most of it. But I think Superman couldn’t hold me back to wring those necks who hurt her. I know that is not the answer (violence), yet when a Mother’s heart is involved, I become the Queen of all Mothers.

        Thank you for the lovely comment and thank you for taking care of one of the world’s hurt. Yes, it is heart breaking to see what this harsh world does to some who live here. Bless you for loving this cat!!!



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