Poet’s Corner–Last for 2013

5 thoughts on “Poet’s Corner–Last for 2013”

  1. But what is Love, Lady? Can someone please explain that to me? I know, I know, “go within.” It seems I just don’t know how to exist in the world anymore. Maybe I am too deep within to have room for anyone else. Nothing makes sense.


    1. Lori, I have only found Love in the BeLoved within my Heart and with my cats. Human Love, true Unconditional Love, I have not found. I do know of the Love where deep caring comes and an understanding of not taking personally that which is projected from a hurt heart. I do know of Love in which I have accepted others for who they are. But, the affairs of the heart Love? Still as yet, this I have truly not found. But that is all right. For I LOVE ME.

      We put too much “expectation” on Love, and when that happens, we always end up disappointed and hurt. Love is a state of being, a way of Living. I have come to know Love through what I LOVE TO DO. I have ceased my ineffectual thinking that someone else will fulfill me, will make me complete. No, I am doing that for me.

      The work I am doing here, Lori, brings such JOY and such Wonderment to my Life. When I share that which I Love, that which is of ME, then Love finds me.

      Star Living immersed in what YOU Love, Lori. And stay there. Expand. Just BE. Find that Inner Child who Loves to create, and hold hands with her. Falling in Love begins there.

      I hope I have helped you, Lori. Not until we ourselves our absolutely in Love with ourselves, can we then embrace Love from another. That doesn’t mean we do not have others in our Lives. Oh no! Guard your Heart and do not give it away hastily. LOVE YOU.

      With all my Love, Lady Pink


      1. PS…..My biggest “advice”……Walk away from what this world has termed Love to be, for it is only an equation that equals heartache and disappointment. One must find True Love in one’s own Heart first. And then like I said, Love will find you. I know not any other way to say this.



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