I Wish

38 thoughts on “I Wish”

  1. thank you so much for this. you bring tears to my eyes as well. your’s and my wishes are the same.
    on christmas day i went out side and saw a bird singing away on top of a tv aerial, when he finshed i whistled a simple ditty to him. he would look at me briefly, before continuing singing to another. again he stopped and agian i repeated my simple notes. and again he carried on singing to another. then he stopped, looked at me, and after a little while he sang my little ditty pitch perfect back to me -x-


    1. on christmas day i did see, a dear sweet bird, singing gleefully
      a heart of gold and voice so pure, i whistled (dear one), “please sing some more”
      he looked at me, then looked away, and sang his song to lift the day
      i piped up again, my heat was sure, i whistled (dear one), “please sing some more”
      again he espied me a critical eye, and sang his song, that angels fly
      my heart sank, i turned back to the door, and the little bird sang;
      (dear one) “please sing some more”



      1. OH, Soul Feather Diamond, this is SO beautiful and now again I find tears in my eyes. Amazing how this bird sang exactly what you did. This gives me goosebumps. Perhaps our World of Bliss is manifesting NOW. I certainly hope so. How much more can we bear?

        With all my Love, Amy


    1. Why do cats like roses? I do know, you know. It’s cause roses have the highest vibration of all flowers and cats, being so sensitive and spiritual, know a good flower when it is tasted. A cat “feels” the vibration and knows GOD. Hmmmm…….

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