WordPress Family Award

8 thoughts on “WordPress Family Award”

    1. I’ll tell you a secret. I can’t bring in any of my roses into the house to put into a vase. Karma will eat them. But, when he goes outside he doesn’t eat them. It’s weird. It’s like he is telling me the roses want to stay outside with the rest of their family.

      Have a great Pawsome Christmas as well, Shrimp! I hope you get everything you wished for!


  1. Wonderful and all so well deserved, Looks like you could make a quilt out of all your awards over there. Mighty nice feelings to be wrapped about you. We would give you one too if we had one to offer. I will have to go check this one out. Tender hearts here following a path made of petals and finding much beauty. 🙂


    1. Oh, Denise, Bless you! Bless you! Your words bring such solace to my Heart. For just today I received words from someone who disagrees with what I am doing here at Petals Unfolding. For a moment or two, I was stung. Then, just like my toilet that plugged up (funny how things like that work), I took the plunger and down the s**t went. GRIN……

      I AM following my Heart in ALL I do. And in so doing, I AM livng new earth. In the NOW.

      I pray the same for you. JOY. Peace. FUN. Laughter. Feeling like a kid again! Oh for the Wonder of it all! I have a new tripod and with manual in hand, I now learn all the different settings on my camera to get crystal clear pictures. FUN! Yes, a lot to know…..but when you LOVE what you do, it’s FUN!

      I DO Love you, ‘Neesee. (smile) That just came to me!

      HUGS, Aimes


      1. Don’t know why anyone would dislike your blog, but that is people and why I am an animal person. Good thing for the old delete button like your flusher eh! They can live in their own dimension and we in ours. 🙂 My moms accupunture doc tells her to just “wish them peace” and then he smiles. Ha! My mom is thinking more like rest in peace!
        My immediate family calls me niece or neesee. So I guess that puts you in the family now sister Aimes!

        Love back to you!

        Neesee. 🙂


      2. You’re in good company. I am an animal person too. I have yet to figure out peeps.

        Cool! I’m in the family now. Sister Neesee.

        And yep, LOVE that delete button. That’s the one I pushed. That and using the plunger. LOL

        Your Sis, Aimes


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