It’s Raining Awards

7 thoughts on “It’s Raining Awards”

    1. I don’t think his human would like that very much. Besides, I have plenty underfoot. Even though Morris did the “invisible act”, (how typical of a cat!), I know IF he and my Doodles met, there would be hmmmmm….a serious competitiion to proove who was the coolest dude.

      Still am trying to figure out how he snuck in here……he is one smart cat, let me tell you!

      LOL, Mom Bonza aka Lady P.


  1. Girl? You are a rock star!
    I love how you share your life, loves and that big heart of yours with us.
    Just because I don’t respond to each, don’t think I’m not reading! (:
    We have so much in common.
    You have a lovely family Amy!

    Happy Holidays,
    Woof woof, Terri


    1. Terri, I peruse the Pond as well……and I know you have been struggling……I have been sending my Love to you. I hope things have steadied out by now.

      Me? I rock star? One would think so with all these awards coming my way. OH my! Going from being invisible to actually being seen, is an experience. One I am very humbled over.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if we do have much in common, Terri. Your heart beats to the same rhythm as mine does.

      Have a Golden Day, my friend!!!

      Love, Amy


  2. Congratulations! 😀 So well deserved! You really do bring sunshine into the lives of us bloggers with your beautiful posts! Oh, and Doodles looks so cute on that picture. 🙂

    Have a PURRFECT day!

    xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino


  3. wow I am so very flattered and touched by what you have written about me and I loved learning more about you, you are an amazing human! I showed this to my human and she totally agreed and said that I am very lucky to have love from such a kind and pure spirited person. My human and I are also very amazed at your wonderful healing powers and think that you are a very special Lady indeed! My human was also baffled as to how I delivered the award, but my lips are sealed!

    Doodles is so cool! He looks like he could be my close relation as we look so alike! I am not a very talkative cat apart from here on my blog. I only speak when I really have to, I rather like to spend a lot of time in deep thought pondering the world around me. Big thanks and kitty cuddles to you and I hope all your dreams come true! Love from Morris x


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