Two-4-One Monday

8 thoughts on “Two-4-One Monday

  1. Thank you so much for the reblog. It’s been so quiet today, and I have honestly been trying to get material on here to make a better day in the lives who come here. Whew!

    You are my sign you know. I was asking, “What am I doing wrong?” “What can I change?”

    It’s just a quiet Monday. A lot of people are busy and a lot are also struggling (with the Season).

    I am honored you bring my work to your site.



  2. After a long cold hard day,I needed to hear this.While I make my supper and go on to this night I will try to savor this reflection of my new love and affirmation. That I am indeed special.(so hard to say that because in my life I was always told I was just a little B word)MY LITTLE INSIDE SAYS NO ,I AM GOOD,AND DESERVING OF LOVE,God and my angels told me so. With out sounding sappy, but I love my nest here and send thanks and Love again tonight.Little angel named Moonface.


    1. Moonface, just keep reading what I post here. Just read and reflect and let the beauty sink in. For I am just the Mirror to who you are.

      I am so moved that you come each day to drink of Petals Unfolding. You are cherished and you are Loved.

      By me.

      Love, Lady Pink


  3. These words brought tears to my eyes and together with the the white soft rose it went straight to my heart. Remember – these words are for you as well Amy.

    Love you – always,


    1. Birgitta, I do really know. All that I write I am writing to me as well. I am finding my salvation in words and photos right now.

      Bless you!!! I do Love you, my Sister in Sweden. A BIG snowstorm is supposedly headed this way. For December this is very unusual. The serious snow usually doesn’t start until January.



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