One of My Responses to “Love’s Call”

6 thoughts on “One of My Responses to “Love’s Call””

  1. Yes dear Amy, staying in love for yourself and others is the place to be. Love, Love and more Love is where we stand by spending much needed time within our hearts, where our answers are and our true authentic self can guide us. This is when our God Like Self shines Bright unto others…
    XOXO Love Tonya


  2. “To live in the world I created ….. ” I think, Amy, that most do not see their own responsibility in this. I applaud you for doing so. If we created it, we can change it. Thank you for reminding me of this.


    1. Oh, Lori, you are so welcome. You could say I have stepped into “owning” what I have created, really focusing on the Core of it called Love, and SEEing the need in this world as to where to “spread the Light”.

      Thank you for BEing here at Petals Unfolding. May my words bless you!

      Love, Amy


  3. I often cry out to God on behalf of the hurting people of this world. We cannot do this on our own without help from our guides, guardians and off-world friends, and I cry out asking for it to not be soon, or just about to happen, but NOW. We need help NOW! While I am glad to hear its “an illusion” it sure seems very real to all of us and it needs to end. A song that has helped me hold the higher vision is “I choose Love” and after watching/listening to a couple versions of it on Youtube, I purchased it and made it my morning alarm. Hope you listen to it and it helps you too.


    1. I totally agree with you! This is why I stressed, “Our Lives depend on hearing Love’s Call”. This world is on the brink of disaster. The illusions are real, for that is what 3D is. In order to rise above the “reality” we live in, one must stay in High Heart and pour our Love out to this world. This is what I do daily. I will listen to the song you mentioned.

      Thank you! The distractions of this dimension are many. It takes focus and practice to stay in a Place of Love. I applaud YOU for doing so!

      BIG (((HUGS))), Amy


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