That Little Rascal

4 thoughts on “That Little Rascal”

  1. I DO Love Rusty! Ever since I saw his turquoise eyes. He’s a little squirt, Mr. Personality.
    Beginning to feel better; energy starting to come back. Not just energy, but my I AM energy.
    Will comment/read more when I’m back to snuff.
    Thanx, Dear Amy, for thinking of me. Love this little orange booger.
    With Much Love, xo Lin


    1. Lin, IAM so glad you are feeling better. Rusty, aint he somethin’? My Heart just goes bumpety bump with so much Love. When I was photographing these pics, it took all my focus NOT to laugh. He only bites hubs’ fingers. Not mine. The neighbor next door (God I would love to wring that man’s neck!) taught Rusty that it’s cute to bite fingers. Now, we are undoing that habit. Yet, Rusty associates this with a MAN’S fingers, and won’t do it with me. Besides, he knows better then to bite the hand that feeds him. Hehehehehehe

      MUAH! Love you! Amy


  2. Rusty, your last picture here – you are such a BEAUTY. Such a sweet angel face and bright eager eyes. you are a good boy !!!!.


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