Happy Thanksgiving from Prinny

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Prinny”

    1. Well if your friend Smokey wouldn’t mind if I am a “she”, a return of Princess, but in a “male form”. Confused? I’m not. Don’t matter what sex I am. My personna says “female” and my spirit is too. I am SO lucky my Mom and Dad didn’t give up on me. The docs told them to take me to the Rainbow Bridge when I was so so sick. They said no, and worked around the clock for 3 months for me. Daddy found a disk in my spine that was out. He popped it back in and I now can go pee pee. And all the good herbs Mommy gave me brought me back to life. I have a L O N G story to tell, so IF you still want to go out on that date with me, I’ll whisper it your, which one?, oh LEFT ear. OK. Purrs and licks, Prinny


      1. I’ll pass that on to my friend Smokey he will be pleased, although I think it might have to be a long distance affair, i’m not sure how the date would work but i’m sure my wise old friend will come up with something. I will be doing a blog about my friend Smokey quite soon so look out for it.


  1. Hi Prinny, You are a sweet baby I to have been beat up.You are so ,so, precious and so,so blessed to have Amy as your Mom. I bet you might be a Daddy’s girl too. You must have pretty shining eyes.So shy,but such shine.Miss.Misty is my cat ,an old mama cat you would love her.I can only have one pet in my apt. in connecticut.Keep up the good poop.Misty’s Mom,Moonface.


    1. Love only LOVE will take the Heart pain away, my Mommy’s friend. I have forgotten mine, especially when I sit on Daddy’s chest and look into his eyes and “talk to him”. I have a special mission you know. I give Daddy the will to live. How is that for being important? Purrs and Licks, Prinny


  2. hi prinny, thank you for telling us to be grateful. I am so happy you have a good life now and feel comfortable. Have a wonderful thanksgiving.


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