Crystal Cold Faery Dust

9 thoughts on “Crystal Cold Faery Dust”

      1. Amy,
        All is well , very well actually. I got out yesterday for the first time in almost a week and have done some tidying around the house…..all so I wouldn’t go stir crazy as I sat around 😉
        What is really nice, tomorrow my husband and I are going to spend the rest of our weekend at our cabin. (no internet though)
        I may seem quiet at that point but indeed I will be at my sanctuary…….capturing pictures, walking the beach and pure relaxation ♥

        Happy Thanksgiving to you my dear, may you always be blessed beyond measure ♥
        Love Tonya


      2. Pure Bliss! You go, Girl! I’m right on the same page. I just am not able to take enough pictures lately. And my guidance has kept pulling me to be in the NOW. Of course, there is Petals to take care of, which I do. But, I really have stepped way back, just to relax, chill and take pics.

        Oh do enJOY BEing with your hubs. Celebrate together this thing we call LIFE!

        Love, Amy


      3. Ohh yea, if you so happen to have a clear sky from now until bed time, look up for “comet Ison”…… maybe there will be a photo op in the darkness… Though it is going around our Sun…
        I have gray skies but pink all around me which is the Love in the atmosphere…
        Feel the beautiful loving energy…now and always….♥
        ♥ Tonya


      4. Amen. Tonya. Love is truly in the air. I will see what I can get on my camera with the Sun and Ison. Hmmm…….One never knows……..IF I have time before I leave to go to dinner at in-laws. 🙂

        HUGS, Amy


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