My Utmost And Lasting Gratitude

9 thoughts on “My Utmost And Lasting Gratitude”

  1. I have been led to your page and I am reading it everyday. Your words have reached me on days when I needed a boost and something to take my mind off things that wanted to drag me down. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Light and love to you.


    1. Thank YOU from the bottom of MY Heart! I am so honored that my Petals Unfolding is touching your life.

      More is to come this evening. I first must take care of those I care for. When I am back I post! 🙂

      With all my Love, Amy


  2. I agree that creating joy through your cats, your writing, your art and photography, will indeed bring healing about and make you whole .


    1. Sunny, the Mind is more Powerful then we know. I put into practice each and every day “Mind over Matter” and what I focus on does bring wholeness to me. Yes, I do contend with “physical” challenges, which I have surrendered to. They are here for a Higher Purpose. No point in fighting them, for that would just make matters worse.

      With Love and Great JOY, Amy


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