Thank you Thank you Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

    1. (tears) Bless you, Tanya! I honestly don’t know how this happened. It just did. And then I got some help from another Angel. Oh, GOD! I AM so grateful! Beyond words!

      Love, Amy


      1. Tonya, darn it, I keep misspelling your name. Please excuse me!!!

        This I do know about GOD. When “something” just happens, I have coined it a GOD-thing. It was meant to be. I also know, I have done much clearing and healing in order for this “door” to have opened in the first place.

        Rejoice! For the Angels do sing and are glad! Both in Heaven and on Earth! Rejoice! For OUR time has come! The Holy of Holies are shining so Bright, shouting to All There Is……LOVE has the Victory! LOVE!

        HUGS, Amy


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