There’s Nothing Left

10 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Left”

    1. Sweetheart, I don’t know how I am even on here. I don’t understand much anymore. There really isn’t anything of me left.

      I think there are those of us who have agreed to merge into GOD. And this is why those some of us are being hit so hard.

      Hang on to my hand. It is right here. I do Love you! So much! This too shall pass!!

      Love, Your Pink Sis, Amy


  1. The old “us” has died off, so that has left a vacuum. According to science, nature abhors a vacuum. So we have been wiped clean and nothing of the old seems left of us anymore. It’s a strange and unreal feeling. I have gone thru it several times – not knowing who I am anymore. So it is up to us to fill that space that is left empty with all the New. That is what you have been doing, Amy. I’m filling up the vacuum with new things also – creating what brings me joy. That’s about all we can do now until our new places become more defined as to our purpose in the New World. I wonder where we all will end up


    1. Oh, Sunny, I do Love you! I’m just now coming out of that horrible place of nothingness and being torn apart. And the JOY is returning. I even have the Star Doodles (did you see his face yet? Precious!) sitting on my lap! He KNOWS he is a Star and he somehow KNOWS his pic is on my blog (again). Too funny! LOL

      Thank GOD I am coming out of this one! This one was a doozy!!!

      Love, Amy


  2. Nice to read your wise words Ladies 🙂
    Yes – we´ll overcome as well as I myself overcame the fear of walking on the translucent crystallized water yesterday. It is new and uncertain until you realize that it really carries and brings a feeling of freedom to reach everywhere without restrictions.

    Much love,



    1. Birgitta, yesterday was a doozie. Huge. Today it seems I am back on stable ground. Everytime I go through what I did yesterday, the other side is more crystalline and pure. Yes, we are most definitely walking towards freedom, getting closer every day!

      Love, Amy


  3. Dear Lady pink rose,I am so new to this but it seems like part of me.I forgot how I found this post it seems like forever ago.I feel like a wobbling new born horse.In this world I am just a tired work horse.There is so much I need to learn before I fly alone.I miss home, but but I am safe here in this nest until spring.God of light,please give Amy new strength to balance all these hats she is wearing and remember to soak up before she squeezes out her energies.New/old star seed with so,so much Love,Moonface


    1. One moment at a time, Honey. Yesterday was a very challenging day for me. I am just so done with this “process” and at times I could literally scream. I am extra sensitive to the energies, and when I get hit as I did yesterday, I reel.

      Now, today I feel OK. You will get through this. I promise. And you made me laugh about the “hats” statement, because I really at times don’t even know just how many I do wear. LOL

      Moon Face, you are special and precious beyond words. This process all begins by loving self. Throw away the inflicted pain (I know easier said then done) so that you can see the shining bright Light that you truly are……as I see you!!!

      I Love you! Amy


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