I Could Not Agree More!

4 thoughts on “I Could Not Agree More!”

  1. Our cats are going through ascension also. I wonder how many of them will stay with us and go into light body with us. Doodles, are you going to stay? you look young like you have many years left. Soon it will be spring again and you can run and play outside. You are a sweet boy !!!!


    1. His expression was too much! At the time, due to where I was coming from, it wasn’t funny. Now, though, I am laughing! I am kissing the top of his head as I write this. Oh, he is a cutie all right! I LOVE his big floppy paws! They are so soft and I LOVE to hold them. We hold hands often. LOL

      Doodles is definitely on the “list” of coming with me. I have had several that haven’t made it. And as far as I can see, all that I do have remaining, are IN. 🙂

      Love, Amy


    1. LOVE is what has done all this, Brigitta! This morning I awoke and my eyes saw 8 cats on my bed, all looking at me with LOVE in their eyes, purring and some smiling. OH, that is my version of Heaven! To be surrounded by a Sea of Furry Love………doesn’t get much better then this!

      Love, Amy


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