Facing Fear

16 thoughts on “Facing Fear”

    1. Those fears love to lurk and hide, don’t they, Nancee? Our ego doesn’t wish them to be seen, for in the SEEING, Light is brought forth.

      I am honored that these words assisted you on your Life Journey.

      I Love you, Nancee! Amy


    1. Deep deep we dive, together forever free at long last!

      No-thing remains untouched.

      No-thing remains unseen.

      Thank you, Teasy, for visiting Petals Unfolding. I am deeply honored. Your Presence is truly felt.

      Love, Amy


      1. thank you for sharing your beautiful words.
        i feel it’s truely a joy and an honor to be here and connecting with you.
        thank you for the wonderful invitation 🙂


      2. Amy the “poetry” begins to emerge. I had a small hint of that when I posted on f/b late last night. May we both encourage this expression to emerge. I’m pretty sure you wrote of feeling this rising earlier at the Pond?
        I love you too… went back to my early posts at the Pond today for some reason and reread notes from you, ALee, JJ, Paul and others. I happened to have saved an early one to my bookmarks so always have it 🙂 Such beautiful buds that entered my life until I see you all in fuller bloom 🙂 ~Nancee


    2. Teasy, as I am resting, IAM “seeing” how my mother’s words, buried deep within my precious BEing, are still producing ill results. I was made to feel as a child (and still to this very day), that no matter what I did (do), no matter how I excelled (excell), no-thing I accomplished (accomplish), ever was (is) good enough. In my comment to you, I realized, that I still carry that vibration within me.
      I am SO grateful to you this day, for your words, your presence, broke something within, in order for me to SEE this pattern. I embrace it, acknowledge it, and gently tell it, it is no longer serving a purpose in my life. And I release it in Love, knowing as I do so, my confidence in myself shall now increase exponentially.
      Deeply I bow to you. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart.
      With all my Love,


      1. beautiful lady PinkRose,
        i feel so honored reading about your discovery.
        and i am feeling the same gratitude and love 🙂
        thank you more! 😉
        and in love forever,


  1. “May all who read these words, understand a little more clearly how even fear does play a part in our ever forward and upward Spiral Dance in our Ascension Journey”

    I, who read your words, am reminded of what we were told in our spiritual workshops – to ask ourselves what is fear trying to teach us, how does it serve us, how does it help us to grow. And my fear was so strong the last few years that I could never even get to that point of asking, as the fear kept me crippled and paralyzed. I started working on changing my thinking in August, and now in November, I am finally able to get beyond the fear and truly believe All is Well, and thus there is nothing to fear anymore, since All is Well. It took me that many months to turn the habit of negative thinking and fear around. I was always one who was bracing myself for fear that the other shoe was going to drop, so I had to get beyond that and believe I am protected and taken care of by my guides and angels, and if the shoe does drop, it is part of my life lesson and soul path to learn from and grow from, and the angels will help me do so.

    You are such an inspiration and a great spiritual teacher.


    1. OH, dearest Sunny, my Heart is in my throat. I am so moved, beyond words that my words really spoke to you. Those who make “small” of fear, have not met “fear” face to face. There were times, and still to this very day, I have to fight the “temptation” to stay in bed with the covers over my head, rather then facing another day. May my life continue to inspire and assist you, Sunny. I was just talking to my husband this evening, telling him how weary I am of it all. I too still learn and grow. I too don’t want at times, to keep on trudging. I am SO proud of you for overcoming your fear. This is a major step for you and now you can finally move forward. I understand totally what it is like to be paralyzed with fear. I’ve been there. Many times. And every time, like you said, it does take time, total focus, conviction, and an unstoppable spirit to spit fear out to be no more. I Love you! BIG (((HUGS))), Amy


      1. PS…..It takes someone like you to inspire me to keep going. The sacrifices and the “time” are SO worth it when I know I have touched another’s Heart. GOD bless you for encouraging me.
        I Love you, Sunny!


  2. Yes, so many of us at the Pond have gone thru and are going thru the same challenges, and it seems we are at the last layers finally. So everyone’s stories and struggles have helped me to keep on the path, have faith, not give up, and know I’m not alone. You, Anna Helen, and Breeze, and I – we have overcome so much. You have all been such an inspiration to me and kept me strong on the days I DID stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head, fearful to leave the house, and wondering if life would ever get better. And it finally has. And your articles at Petals are part of that improvement. So much wisdom and strength here that are lessons for me to know I can make it thru the ascension, and celebrate with all of you when we finally get there !!!!


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