Chicken Little said…….

7 thoughts on “Chicken Little said…….”

  1. Hi Cuddles ! You are so sweet. I love your name! All the cats at my house say hi to you. Their names are Fulla, Kuthumi, Boudiga, Scamp, and Metatron. I like to name them after Ascended Masters and Goddesses so that I have that high energy in my home and yard. Have a wonderful day, Cuddles! You have a good home with a Mom who loves you so much.


    1. OH, Sunny, how you made me smile just now! Honestly! Grinning in fact. Cuddles right now is po’ed at me because I do not have the cat nip down on the floor right now. Hehehehehehehe I best get going……..

      I LOVE your cats names! Way cool!!!

      Love, Amy


      1. Somehow I just couldn’t resist talking to Cuddles. I saw him there and wanted to reach out. I am a cat lover too, and I so enjoy all your posts and pictures of your cat family. I’m glad I could make you smile. Cuddles made me smile. All your posts and pictures of your cats make me smile and are a bright spot in my life.


      2. Sunny, thank you. I too have a “final resting place”. Princess, Sunshine, Molly (another Molly), Junie, Alpha. Now, we cremate. I have Tigger and Benji on a shelf.

        Sweetie, we all need smiles. I am so honored that I can help put a smile on your face!!!

        My cats are having a catnip party right now. I snapped some pics, of course. Lets’ party!!!! Hehehehehehehe

        Love, Amy


      3. Yes i cremate sometimes and they put the ashes in cedar boxes with their names engraved on them, and a poem of the Rainbow Bridge. My dog Lady, and my cats Camelot and Blackie I have boxes and ashes for.


  2. Cuddles, I forgot to include my feral cat who comes to eat on my back deck. His name is Selohim. How could I forget him. He is part of our Cat Family. And I have four buried in my back yard who live at the Rainbow Bridge now. Their names are Tipper, Sebastian, Reunion, and Metatron. Love you, Cuddles.


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