Wonders Of White and Wings

8 thoughts on “Wonders Of White and Wings”

    1. Yes, Brenda, they finally did say goodbye. I pruned them back and tucked them all in with mulch.

      I still have YET to get over to you. Looks like things are swinging! Good for you! I’m reeling from yesterday. Just getting these two small posts out was too much.

      I want to enjoy what is over at your “home”. I’ll get there when I can. Brenda, let me tell ya. Da body don’t know how much more it can take…….Read Oracle Report. I was the volcano yesterday. Releasing for Cosmic Woman.

      Love, Hugs, and JOY, though weaving on feet, Amy


  1. So lovely,kind of wish I Had a flock to fly with but for now I must gather twigs to make my own nest. I have just started yet another new journey. My therapist said I need grounding but I yearn for the stars.Guess I’ll stop and let more time heal my wings.


    1. Moon Face, welcome to Petals Unfolding. Here you will find Love and a “home” you can “nest” in.

      My Heart says to your Heart…..always listen to the beat within. When you are ready to fly, you will know. There will be no doubts.

      I use stones to help ground myself. Also, Obsidian is great for grounding as well. Walks in Nature. Taking baths. All great ways to ground. 🙂

      With Love and BIG (((HUGS))), Lady Pinkrose


  2. beautiful beautiful beautiful. Glorious. Love snow; not the part of the country to get it here. Thanx
    for lovely pix. Refreshing, restful. As always, your pix are wonderful! xo, Lin


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