Community Dining in Our Near Future?

12 thoughts on “Community Dining in Our Near Future?”

  1. Soooo CUTE!!! Tails everywhere. A kitchen picnic. Amazingā€¦ very organized with these little ones.
    Peacefulness transmits thru the photo. Not one little cat is worried they won’t have enough or a bro/sis is receiving a bigger portion. Loving busy-ness. Is this dinner time the norm?? xo, Lin
    Thank you for sharing a sweet moment, Amy.


    1. Yes, Lin, every meal it is like this. In the mornings, it is a bit more hectic, with noses wandering in this dish or the other dish. But when it comes to snackies (Roayl Canin Oral Sensitive) they are serious, and stick to their own dish. The other meals are moist foods, different flavors, different brands, so they elect to have a buffet style meal.

      Yes, Peace. No fighting. I must be organized, Lin, in order to run an organization within my own home for special “needs” cats. If I wasn’t, there would be total chaos.

      So glad you enjoyed! My cats bring such JOY into our lives!!

      Love, Amy


    2. PS Like I suggested, this is the way the “norm” shall be for humans. I “see” this happening. Coming together at a main table or table to share the “breaking of the bread”. šŸ™‚


  2. ok. I’m in. I can only imagineā€¦ no one, no thing EVER hungry again. Shelter for everyone, every thing. JOY-filled work for everyone. A beautiful Mother, more beautiful and clean and pure than the pix in my head. Children being reared with Love and Respect and creativity. Etc. I’m definitely in.
    Ohhhhh, I hope it happens soon. I’m vibrating Love as much as possible, feeling it as hugely as possible. so ready. xo


  3. So sweet. But I only counted eleven . I thought you had 12. I love all the videos and pictures of the cats that you include


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