Today, Stag in Backyard… Hunting Season

9 thoughts on “Today, Stag in Backyard… Hunting Season”

    1. Yes, Brenda, for a Stag to come out in the open during hunting season is saying a lot. This Land truly is Sacred, and these animals do know it. Every year gone past, I did not see any deer on our Land during hunting season. This year, not only have I seen this stag, but females as well. One of them ate the rose bud that I was hoping would bloom. (sigh) Still have yet to “reach fully” these deer that my roses are off limits. Yes, I use Liquid Fence, but, haven’t in a while, and yes, it does wash off in heavy rains, which we have had. Deer and Roses are like cats and birds. It is a natural attraction. Or bees to a flower. You get the idea. And to break this pattern, that is deeply engrained, takes “time”.

      Yes, to the New Earth and US!

      Love, Amy


  1. Wow, standing right next to the camping tent! Do you think he has been experiencing these solar flares too and is hoping someone will do him in to get it over with. 😉 Ha! Me being crazy….hoping I don’t get hit with them again as they did me in last night. Cool picture…they do know they are safe in your sacred space. Sending hugs to you today!


    1. That tent is HOME to a feral cat by the name of TT. It was Rusty’s tent (another feral) but he chose the barn over the tent (next door to me), at least for now. That tent was put up my me, and lately we made world news due to the incredibly high winds we had here one day. And yes, as you can see, this tent still stands. 🙂

      These solar flares are doing a number on me as well, Denise. Just hang on!

      As for this Stag, this Magnificent One, he is truly courageous, for my neighbor’s son, hunts these deer every year with a bow and arrow. I do not advocate hunting, yet I “see” that this too is a Blessing. Too many deer are here locally, because contractors stole their land to build houses. They only have a tiny space now, and they have overbred. This man does “kill” mercifully, and yes, he and his family do eat the meat.

      This Sacred Space is well known. Many come here. Including those who are ready to transit.

      Thank you for coming to Petals Unfolding, Denise. Bless you!

      Love, Amy


      1. We have deer in our backyard too, but haven’t seen many this year. Only seen a buck once in the 20+ years we have lived here. You are right. It is rare to see them. And it is illegal to hunt in the area I live. There were twin fawns last year we watched grow up. 🙂 Precious!


      2. Denise, I do not like hunting. At all. BUT! There truly is a Blessing for the deer and us. Man crudely without thought or concern, took their land. Now they all congregate on a few meager acres, and the only reason that is so, is because one of my neighbors has persistently refused to sell his land.

        They are precious, every one of them. My neighbor (the mother of the man who hunts) she like me, feels towards the deer as being beautiful and precious. She like me, must turn her head the other way, for we do not wish to see this killing. Yet, we both know it is a Blessing.

        Love, Amy


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