Clinging Precariously to a Fragile Existence

9 thoughts on “Clinging Precariously to a Fragile Existence”

    1. Your site really does not like for me to comment!! It always messes up somehow or wont let me put one at all. Anyhoo… I woke up from a nap with your self portrait in my mind and hearing this song. Thank you so much for sharing your heart, your love, your light, your wisdom, your journey, yourSELF (hehehe elf…) so openly and honestly.

      With deepest gratitude,
      🙂 just L


      1. Just L, IAM deeply touched with your words and who you are. I don’t know why this site is “fighting with you”. I INTEND that changes as of this NOW Moment!
        I thank you for this song! IAM just the way IAM. Would I have it any other way? No.
        Elf…..hmmmm…….”she’s” quiet today. IAM about to go harvest some of my Roses. Reverent has replaced elf, at least for now.
        I LOVE you, Lori!


    2. You do have a way of making me “tear up”. To have lived my Life with others doing their best to make me “feel” less then who IAM, and then I have you in my Life, who sends me a song like this. What do I say? Just FEEL me, Lori. (((HUGS)))


    1. Good for you, Brenda! Movement of any kind, BEing voice (air), dancing (air), to MOVE that stuck stuff…..whatever works! IAM constantly moving, and tend to sway as I go, to a “beat” that is just me. (smile) Thank you for BEing, here!

      Love, Amy


    2. I LOVE dance as well, Brenda. Forgot to add that thought to my other response to you. I have danced all my life, yet singing seems to be KEY for me right now.

      Any type of self expression is SO powerful!

      Love, Amy


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